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    cooking Add mango cook or raw ?

    Cool. Heat whoops bacteria. Off to the kitchen. Thanks. It'll be sweeter too. I'll douse it with some cinnaminumm for extra protection---and flavor.
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    cooking Add mango cook or raw ?

    No It'll be in the fridge but I think mango to tone down the heat a little and thicken it up a bit.  Whaddya thunk ? Cook the mango or blend it in raw ?
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    cooking Add mango cook or raw ?

    I just made a batch of hot sauce. 20 of the meanest Habaneros I ever dunn growded.67 Fairlane red( not orange). 1/2 a small onion. 3 packets of Stevia. This crap is LAVA. Tasy but.DAAAAAAAMN. Can I add pureed mango ? Do I need to cook-carmelize it first ?  I generally add carrot to my sauces but...
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    Finally got it right

    Pumpernickel version. ;)
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    Finally got it right

    Tortillas, . Soy beaner.errr.....pepperer.
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    Finally got it right

    Well...........Does this 'splain >  :hot:
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    Finally got it right

    Fertilized with nothing more than "cow patty soup" and 25% H202 mixed with 20/20 Growing condition 50% cloud cover.1800 elevation.10*N.75 degree avg temp. Pics of the plants to come this evening.
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    Post Your Ride

    Man. I wanna run that Duc into the pope mobile at 225 mph. What a way to go !
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    Portuguese grower

    Elaborate. Elevation. Degree of  latitude. Rainfall etc.
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    Naturalized Capsicum in Virginia?

    Peru comes to mind......
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    "Too much" hot pepper in the sauce

    I always have an extra bowl of cooked carrots ready to mellow things out in the blender, if needed.
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    Hola from Chile

    Who needs peppers when ya got Torres and trout.....and worlds finest wine. Bienvenidos hermano. Pura Vida.
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    HELP! I lost my recipe, is there anything I can do?

    You're in CT. Call over to a few food manufacturerss and see if they can recommend a company. Call the local FBI office and ask what labs they use to detect toxic substances in food.Anyone with that type of equipment can break it down to micro ingredients.. " Have your wallet full" when you begin.
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    Squirrel problem

    Dealing with squirrels is much like dealing with a nymphomaniac. You need better tools.
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    Who here eats whole superhots?

    I'm an asczwhole....not an idiot.
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    chinense Aji Chombo C. Chinense

    It's all over the place here. I consider it a weak, but full of flavor, scotch bonnet. The yellow variety is usually hotter. It's a good pepper and pretty prolific......but nothing thrilling.
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    Can You Believe My Chiles?

    You want to kill a pepper quick ? Take good care of it.
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    Hello from the in the UK

    Bienvenidos hermano ! I tranzlating for my merikan frendz. Rubbish, en Ingles meaning clima mierda. CHIT !
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    Aji, Ajo,Yo Roe Coe Toe

    The weather finally got normal here so some fruit is finally staying on my weeds.These are off some seeds Bro Aji Joe sent me some time ago. The plant is almost big enough to hang a hammock in but the flowers and buds just began to stick.Rocotos like strong long duration light from what I can...
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    scovilles Scoville rating vs Growing technique

    I recommend drying the pods slightly and then soaking them in strong acid solution(lysurgic25 comes to thought) before consumption. Letting them soak in that ultra strong Nebraska sun :party: and a couple of cc's of tarantula urine :shh: can help speed the process. ;)