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  1. okie joe

    Okie green thumb

    Heres my Trinidad Scorpions and some cherios
  2. okie joe

    vendor The Hippy Seed Company

    Ihaven't had any problems from THSC. Like its been said check your set up the thing alot of folks do is water to much in the begining.
  3. okie joe

    flavor What Pepper's do you like for taste?

    Mmmmm Just for eating I enjoy the Lemon Drop the have a real good citrius flavor then the heat but it allows you to still taste your food. For my salsa though I REALLY enjoy Trinidad Scropions with yellow fatalli mixed. The flavor is just great I just don't mix it so hot you can't stand it...
  4. okie joe

    seeds seed starting

    Just when you begin to plant them make sure your hands are clean of everything or use a set of tweesers but just be gentle with the seeds for they are soft and can be damaged. So just be gentle
  5. okie joe

    Spicy Chicken’s 2011 Grow Pictorial History

    Nothing but SWEEEEEEEEEET You are doing a fantastic job, very planed out. I have a question about your raised beds. What size is the tubing and do you have extra drainage holes on the inside of the tubing for watering also? I work at a gas pipe manufacturing plant and I love to try to make...
  6. okie joe

    overwintering Highalt's 1st Overwintering Attempt

    Those are looking good. I cut mine back a lot more. Just a thought if you have any other types of plants in the house you may want to check them for those critters its just a thought.
  7. okie joe

    fish fert.

    I have been using it for years and it works great. Like said dogs cats and also racoons like this stuff. One of my friends has his plants on the balcony and the coons came up the post and dugg his plants out of the pots so beware.
  8. okie joe

    Let's Talk About Record Keeping

    I use the old fashion pencil and tablet thing. Mostly when it comes down to the types of peppers I am using the heat tolerant level is different. Got to write stuff down to old to remember everything and if not It still taste good.
  9. okie joe

    AJs Backyard Pepper Porn 05-30-10

    As always just fasinating garden. I really enjoy watching your different progress and different set ups. I haven't had that kind of luck I had approximately 40 plants burn up in the garden from the sun. So I have 15 plants still in the garage hardening off and hopefully be able to harvest...
  10. okie joe

    Diablo's Green Thumb

    Thats what you call a good NARLEY TASTE OF GOOD PAIN AND FLAVOR
  11. okie joe

    When should I stop pinching?

    I never pinch I like to let mother nature take its course and produce its marvelous fruit.
  12. okie joe

    health Is something wrong with my T. Scorp?

    Theres nothing wrong with your plants. When your plants start to mature all of them will get a darker stem from getting stronger and more sturdy. Its called harding them off
  13. okie joe

    AJs 2010 Season Start

    Looking good AJ. I test running a new germinator my self but not as big as that of course but the plant I work at was throwing these boxes out that went over the computers and printers to keep some of the dust and dirt out and got my growing pad and 25 cells in there with a light for...
  14. okie joe

    More Snow

    Man we been snowed in for three days and people was losing power everywhere and so far we haven't but I had my seedlings planted and had 6 babies. Thought oh my luck no power no heat they going to die grrrrrrrrrr So far power been up but we got about 10 inches of snow and more possible next...
  15. okie joe

    Jars and jars and more jars

    Thanks all as you can tell there is no need to buy jars have plenty left over from other things. Thanks all for the nice comments
  16. okie joe

    a Marines Christmas poem

    I stand proud and straight to all the service members and salute you for my freedom. May a hedge of protection protect you and your families while serving your country. I served for 20 years and the Holidays are the hardest and yes there were some cold nights and and unsure times but for...
  17. okie joe

    Jars and jars and more jars

    Heres what my crop looks like since the season is over now all I have to do is start eating and selling the sauce which the guys at work gives me 5 bucks a pint which I thought was pretty good.
  18. okie joe

    Lemon Drop Last Run

    Heres my last run of Lemon Drops. I figured the best thing I can do with these sweet tasting gems are dry them up and grind them later. I really enjoyed these they have such a sweet disposition that I will plant these next year. The red ones on the end are few scorps and yellow...
  19. okie joe

    An overdue appointment

    Just keep it very simple and get a sponsor and be honest especially with yourself. Been doing it for over 20 years since 1 july 1988 but years don't count just a simple day is the best one.
  20. okie joe

    Fruit set

    BUGS BUGS especially bee types that love pollen it sounds like you not getting any pollination going. Peppers are self pollinating so take your hands and rugh them up a tad or too shake them and tell them produce or you will be compost. Everything else that you are doing sounds okay...