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  1. mrz1988

    seeds What to do about this seedling?

    Hey guys,   I have a set of seedlings going in the closet and am kind of tight on space this year so I'm doing a full container grow.  Most of my seedlings have been doing well, but I have a Morouga Red from THSC whose roots are just EXPLODING.  They grew so fast that they started getting root...
  2. mrz1988

    seeds Too late to start from seed? Moving in August.

    I would grow in containers and give it a shot. Hey, my first year I sowed the first week of June, although they were pretty much all fast-growing annuum species (as guys have said). I had green pods starting in August and they finished in October, although I had to bring them inside for their...
  3. mrz1988

    hydroponic Hydroponic Brain Strain Yellow The Return!

    Love it. She looks nice and happy too, looks like she's starting to fork :) I'm excited about this strain myself this year, so you better keep us posted!
  4. mrz1988

    Flat-stem phenotype

    That's totally awesome. I always find some cool new screw ups from mother nature from you guys on this forum. Are the white streaks on the leaves characteristic of the Fish pepper? I've never grown it.
  5. mrz1988

    My viper plant is dying

    Cool another Aussie. One of my buddies at school is from Melbourne as well, spending the semester in the States. Your plant is definitely not dead yet, and those clones look pretty nice :P . Hopefully they'll root up real nice for you! I agree with what Jeff said. I hate aphids. They're...
  6. mrz1988

    Epsom Salts !

    I don't believe in Epsom Salts. I feel they're more of a perpetuated myth than an effective fertilizer regiment, but there are tons of growers who swear by them. Sulfur is never really lacking in soil, and Magnesium is something that is better added along with Calcium (at least for peppers and...
  7. mrz1988

    What age/size is it normal/ok for plants to start producing flowers?

    You can let them go at the height they're at if you like. The plant might not even start pods yet unless it's getting great conditions. Cayennes should set fruit relatively early if they have nice conditions and they'll just keep on growing too. Not to worry, if you give them plenty of sun...
  8. mrz1988

    water Under Watering

    Watering before they wilt is fine, especially if you have learned the feel and weight of a dry pot. The important thing is that you have good drainage. A lot of newer growers have poor drainage, over water, or both. A well-draining soil with good drainage holes in its pot will fare much...
  9. mrz1988

    I am convinced Lady GaGa is a blow-up doll

    She's a pretty talented girl with a lot of gimmicks. Her music is directed towards a very specific, and profitable market, and she has a great sense of personal expression. That doesn't mean I like her music, but I can respect what she's done, just like dozens and dozens of top 40 artists over...
  10. mrz1988

    seeds Seedlings not doing too well

    What species is that? I've had leaf spots like that from certain C. frutescens varieties with fertilizer issues. Not sure if that's what's happening here though. Each species seems to tell you what it wants differently.
  11. mrz1988

    What story is this leaf telling?

    The brown spots you're seeing look like leaf burn from water or fertilizer being splashed on them. It makes a lens that causes the light to burn the leaf. I've been lazy with watering and my plants have been so tightly packed together so the same thing has been happening to me. Other than...
  12. mrz1988

    seeds Stringy seedings

    Pop them in an east-facing window at night so they catch the first few rays in the morning, then put them outside where they'll get nice sun for the day and take them back in at dusk. You should see a little bit of improvement I'd think. 8 hours is a little short for your babies and I think...
  13. mrz1988

    seeds Germination time of moruga seeds

    My morugas germinated at around the 10-12 day mark this year. I would not be at all surprised to see them pop earlier than that, they are less stubborn than a lot of other super hots. I had the hardest time germinating the chocolate varieties which took around 2-3 weeks.
  14. mrz1988

    What story is this leaf telling?

    Honestly if that's one of the worst leaves and you pulled it off of the bottom you don't have a whole lot to worry about. If you have a lot of leaves like that you might benefit from backing off on the water but my two cents is that it's just sad from lack of light and maybe a little water/soil...
  15. mrz1988

    The Result Of Eating Moruga's

    Yup. That's the feeling. The one where you wish you had a soft serve ice cream jet built into your toilet bowl that could cleanse the hole.
  16. mrz1988

    Use it or Lose It

    Wacky isn't it? Something about the nice warm weather make me think of spicy foods. In the winter I want comfort food that doesn't make me burn that much but in the summer it's all about the heat and the BBQ. Plus the steady harvest throughout the summer helps stimulate that appetite for heat...
  17. mrz1988

    Another Seller 'Borrowing' Pictures

    It's a damn shame that there's so much theft of property around. I've had to seriously consider whether or not to start watermarking photos across the bulk of the image so that they can't be stolen. The problem with that is it looks tacky and self-promoting to me. I refuse to do it. The way...
  18. mrz1988

    annuum HUGE Serrano found at WM

    Looks like a serrano to me, and damn huge! Very nice find, any bigger and I'd be stuffing em :) Maybe you can try to find one with a little bit of blush on it, throw it in a bag with a banana, and see if you can't get some seeds to sprout out of it. It's a long shot but giant serranos sound...
  19. mrz1988

    Identification Help

    Wow what are temps out there? If you want to get decent pods out of that poor guy you might want to find it a spot with better temps, light, and love :). It can come back and start producing nice for you but it needs a little help first. Those pods look dried out and sickly as well, probably...
  20. mrz1988

    seeds Seeds still viable after being in a dehydrator?

    I dehydrate at 110F, and of my dehydrated seed had 100% germination this season. 120 starts to push it, but you could still get some to pop. 85F seems like a lowball number to me, there's no way seeds will lose viability over 85 when their natural habitat has days pushing over 100. Temps over...