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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Got it. Thanks! Was the Lola for the flavor profile or to kick up the heat a little? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing! I have a jar of the Peru Foods rocoto paste. I’ll give it a shot with that.
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    recipe Dill pickle hot sauce - now one of my favorite home made sauces

    Went and got the V8, got home, didn’t realize I was out of vodka... Made a red eye instead with the dill pickle hot sauce plus a splash of the left over brine from the ferment and a sprinkle of Old Bay. Bomb diggity!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    recipe Dill pickle hot sauce - now one of my favorite home made sauces

    Definitely has some similarities to salsa verde but the dill pickle flavor really comes through too. Bloody good idea! Gotta go pick up some V8 tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    recipe Dill pickle hot sauce - now one of my favorite home made sauces

    8 chocolate bhut jolokias, 8 jalapeños, 1 tomatillo, 4 cloves garlic, 11 grams fresh dill weed, 10 grams pickling spice. Fermented 14 days in 5% brine and blended with a spear of homemade half sour dill pickle. Creeper heat, slow build to pretty damn hot! Sent from my iPhone...
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    fermenting Bourbon Barrel Fermentation

    Good luck! Complete guess on my part so I could be way off. Would love to see the progress on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    fermenting Bourbon Barrel Fermentation

    Wow! Way to dive in head first! How many pounds of peppers you got in there? I’ve never fermented in a wood barrel before so I could be way off but from my understanding of how it works, you may be better off fermenting a salted mash rather than brine. You’ll get evaporation through the...
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    hot-sauce New XXX Arrival!!

    Huge fan of the Tabasco Scorpion sauce. I've started buying it by the half gallon.
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    Need help with unhealthy but still living plant

    Agree with ^   As long as my plants stay alive indoors during the winter, i'm happy. Gradually re-acclimate them to sunlight/UV as temps get warmer or they will burn. New growth starts pretty quickly once they are outside full time and for the most part the scraggly winter growth falls off and...
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    video Death Nut vs Da Bomb hot sauce

    I just completed the Death Nut v2 challenge last week and ordered the v3. Trying to convince a friend of mine to do the v3 with me. He’s a little scared. Trying to get him a frame of reference on heat level against something he knows. He has both Last Dab and Da Bomb hot sauces. Has anyone...
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    hot-sauce New XXX Arrival!!

    Or 12oz bottles   "New XL XXX arrivals - can't wait to try them tonight!"
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    pics Hellskitchen Chillis

    Wow! very healthy looking plants with great production and beautiful pods. Very jealous, can't wait till its my turn here in New York.
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    Similar experience here... Someone got me a pack of red reaper seeds from puckerbutt as a gift, planted 6 of those as well as 6 seeds that i saved from my reaper last year (that plant is now 4 years old, don't remember the origin of the seeds). Puckerbutt seeds: 1 out of 6 germinated, my own...
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    hot-sauce New XXX Arrival!!

    I guess XXX for non chili heads has a very different meaning. My wife glanced over at my computer screen and asked if I was on some kind of porn forum. 
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    Pepper plant growth!

    Good luck this season! I'm a few weeks behind you, most of my babies are just starting to show their first true leaves.
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    annuum Ripe Red Serranos for Sale?

    If you're open to mash or puree Louisiana Pepper Exchange has them by the gallon or bigger.
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    Naga Smooky frosted cotyledons

    Were the leaves ever wet and under strong lighting? I had my lights too low at one point and all my leaves looked similar to that after some foliar spraying.
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    Intro from a newbie looking for advice

    Ahoy from New York!
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

    Here it is! 1lb frozen rocoto plus a few fresh fresnos for the lacto, 2 cloves garlic, and half a yellow onion, vac bag ferment for 18 days. pH of 3.3. Blended it all up, pushed through a strainer then added the maple syrup and baharat. Delish! Really liking the rocoto flavor as well as how...
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    recipe-help Best way to use rocotos?

      Good stuff! Relatively reasonably priced too. I should check the market where I bought the frozen rocotos and see if they have the paste too.   Would love to hear what you think of this paste once you try it out.