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  1. rrene

    Supermarket score

    Enjoy them Mike... :) I should start searching myself, as it will only be supermarket peppers for me this season!! /René
  2. rrene

    Pepper ID.

    Those certainly look like a variety named "Cool Peach" i had in my garden last season... /René
  3. rrene

    Hey Aussies, what ya Growing?

    Hey Mike, Remember to save some space... Seeds are on the way!! :) Wish you all a great season. /René
  4. rrene

    Black Naga

    It definately looks like a Bhut chocolate. What just puzzles me, is how everybody who's growing it has noticed that the plant is very vigorous and with extremely big leaves compared to other Bhut/Nagas. When I compare the plant and leaf structure of my Black Naga plants to my Bhut chocos (no...
  5. rrene

    My Package From PRF

    Certanly a "Habanero-ish" C. Chinense, but to say which one is impossible. I wouldn't worry though, for sure it dosen't look like a pepper that is going to drag your salsa to a lower heat-level! Bon Apetite :) /René
  6. rrene

    My Package From PRF

    Great selecton of peppers... - Looks like you're in for a hot meal :) For seed-saving purposes however, please note that the pepper on the last picture is not Morado. The Morado pepper is dark brown, looking like this; Still, thatr's going to be a hot salsa!!! Best wishes René
  7. rrene

    7pot/pod primo and sr strain

    :) seeds should be ready around October, I'll guess.
  8. rrene

    7pot/pod primo and sr strain

    Thanks a lot for all your comments guys. Franz: My tasting-notes for these are the same as for any other super-hot; "HOT!!!!" Not very informative I'm afraid, but when it comes to these super-hots, I just can't tell the difference, it's just the heat that comes to my mind... :mouthonfire...
  9. rrene

    7pot/pod primo and sr strain

    Sorry Potawie - I don't know the source. My plant is quite small and no pods yet, but pics will come when as the plant gets more interesting. I've only heard of the Butch T Scorpion, but never the 7 pod, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out. /René
  10. rrene

    7pot/pod primo and sr strain

    Here's some other pics of the orange 7 Pod, that definately differs from Chris' strain. Of other strains to be added, I'm growing "7 Pod CARDI" and "7 Pod Butch T" this year. /René
  11. rrene

    Plants being eaten!!!!

    So far I've lost Black Naga, Bhut Jolokia chocotate, Trinidad Pear and Raja Mirch to these little bastards!! Why couldn't they just go for a simple average Habanero instead?? I sometimes wonder if these slugs have a kind of "Michelin-guide" to what is new, exotic and interesting on the...
  12. rrene

    heat New official hottest pepper in the world??

    Well, if this is true, the hottest pepper in the world now comes from... England!! :shocked::shocked: :lol:
  13. rrene

    Some Pod piccies

    Great looking pods, my friend!! /René
  14. rrene

    How many peppers are you growing?

    ... or just plain madness JR :)
  15. rrene

    chinense Are the Bhut Jolokia and Naga Morich the same pepper?

    ... Raja Mirch, Nai Miris :shocked:
  16. rrene

    How many peppers are you growing?

    Approx. 150 varieties set so far, and will double that number during the next couple of weeks. /René
  17. rrene

    Anyone tried a pepper called Bonda Ma Jacque ?

    Agree with Potawie - Habanero styled, but a little more lemon/citrus flavour... Here's a pic from last season /René
  18. rrene

    Chili from Sweden!

    Hello "neighbour"... Välkommen!!
  19. rrene

    Choc Fatalii sucks!!!!!1

    Send me a PM with your info, and seeds will be on the way. /René
  20. rrene

    Yellow Bhut Jolokia - ChileSeeds

    Are you passing on seeds (as a seed-seller) without growing/testing them yourself? /René