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  1. Boardwalkempireactor

    Ghost of Carolina

    Its near the end of my growing season and I have been harvesting seeds. I will have plenty to share with you guys. One interesting thing I did this year was my watering and fertilizer. I had always heard that Ghost peppers prefer less water than other plants and get hotter that way. My method I...
  2. Boardwalkempireactor

    Ghost of Carolina

    Odd name for a pepper eh?  Ok here is the history and results. I cross pollinated the Ghost and Carolina Reaper pepper last year and really did not expect much if anything. I saved the seeds as we all do and planted these in the spring here in upstate New York. This plant never reached over...
  3. Boardwalkempireactor

    smokers Homemade Serious Smoker

    All I did was flood it with water and let it sit for a few days with the cap off.
  4. Boardwalkempireactor

    My 2019 Growing Season lessons

    This growing season is coming to a end here in Bedford New York, nights are getting to 48F and days around 70F. Lessons learned this year? I grew Carolina Reapers, Ghost Peppers in 5 gallon buckets. The soil I used was one I found at Lowes, "Sta Green" that has a built in slow release...
  5. Boardwalkempireactor

    hydroponic Hydroponic Nutrient Question

    I am new to Hydroponic growing and need help! I am using a five gallon container and the nutrient solution I am using (Advanced Nutrients Grow 1-0-4) says: Use 1mL per liter. If my math is correct 5 gallons equals 18.92 liters. Based on that calculation it would be 8 cups of solution? This does...
  6. Boardwalkempireactor

    seeds Pepper Seed Germination

    Heating Up: I had soaked my seeds for 24 hours in a vinegar/water solution and soaked the Rockwool in nutrient solution. Besides that nothing really special.A friend of mine told me about the vinegar solution and I tried it.
  7. Boardwalkempireactor

    smokers Homemade Serious Smoker

    When building this it got me to thinking: Almost every commercial grill, smoker has been painted inside. Why would they do that fully aware that the paint in time would peel off, emit fumes, residue that will get on the meats inside cooking?
  8. Boardwalkempireactor

    seeds Pepper Seed Germination

    Getting Ghost, Carolina Reaper seeds to germinate fast has always been a slow process, at least for me. I found a trick to make it super fast by complete accident. I soaked cubes of Rock Wool and inserted my seeds and placed in small glass condiment bowls (2 inch). I was cleaning my kitchen and...
  9. Boardwalkempireactor

    food Smoked Pork ribs

    Here are some pics of my home smoker in action. Marinated pork ribs slow smoked over Hickory wood at 225F, basted, removed and wrapped in aluminum foil and cooked 2 more hours, tender, fall off the bone good. I served with homemade coleslaw, grilled corn, cornbread, plenty of homemade bbq sauce...
  10. Boardwalkempireactor

    smokers Homemade Serious Smoker

    When I posted this I had forgot to show the entire smoker, my bad. The main chamber can be used as a grill or a smoker.. Above the firebox is a another smoke chamber with shelves. As far as building this, its fairly easy if you can do basic metal fab and welding.My total cost of materials was...
  11. Boardwalkempireactor

    Epic Hot Pepper Harvest Mistake!

     I am sure I am not the only one that has done this or I am hoping at least.  I was harvesting Ghost and Carolina Reapers from my plants. Ah such a beautiful thing, those bright red gifts from the pepper God's.  As I was washing them and dicing two for my morning salsa the phone rings. Mistake...
  12. Boardwalkempireactor

    smokers Homemade Serious Smoker

    Thanks Chile Man!
  13. Boardwalkempireactor

    smoking Old Fashioned Tennessee BBQ sauce

    This is my old recipe from my Grandfather back in Nashville I use in my BBQ sauce I make and sell. Fresh crushed tomatoes Black Strap Molasses Brown Sugar Vinegar Black Pepper Liquefied garlic and Vidali onions. you simply slice very thin and add them and the juice and they liquefy as they...
  14. Boardwalkempireactor

    smokers Homemade Serious Smoker

    My custom homemade smoker for serious cooking. I do a lot of BBQ party's with a lot of guests and needed something big. Sometimes I cook whole pigs and insane amounts of pork ribs. This was a old propane tank, I modified a utility trailer, added a firebox and BOOM, there ya go.    
  15. Boardwalkempireactor

    hydroponic Hydroponic 5 gallon bucket help

    I am building my own DWC system with 5 gallon buckets and cannot find any advice on the fittings. This is for the water level (Sight Tube) on the bottom. What type and size fittings do I need and tube size to fit. Second question: Air pump: I plan on at some point using a total of 5...
  16. Boardwalkempireactor

    Pepper Plant Wind Damage!

    Chileman, I think you are right, these were seeds given to me by a friend. Great taste, good heat level.
  17. Boardwalkempireactor

    Pepper Plant Wind Damage!

    One of my Ghost pepper plants succumbed to a gust of wind. The branch was one of 4 and it was heavy laden with peppers. Most were still green. My question is what is the best way to ripen these? On another note, for some reason this plants peppers would never turn bright red, just a bright...
  18. Boardwalkempireactor

    hydroponic Hydroponic Peppers

    I decided on the DWC system. I am using a 5 bucket system with a commercial duty airpump. For the heat, I will use reflecter lighting and to keep the water warm I will use aquarium heaters. I have full spectrum grow lights also. My winter hobby.