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  1. armac

    The 7-pot Rennie

    glad to see they are being grown
  2. armac

    Baker's Peppers. Enough already

    Same old stuff...
  3. armac

    Hola from Piedras Negras Mexico

    Eagle Pass
  4. armac

    Carolina Reaper and Joe

    Waiting for the whiner to come on and tell us about his thousands of Facebook friends and the fact that everybody is 'piling on', then insinuate the board admins are going to ban you all for roughing him up, and that 'will clean up the board'. as you can tell I have a little experience with...
  5. armac

    Carolina Reaper color?

    Do not feel bad, one my friends grew seeds from Puckertbutt and he got yellow pods too. Part of growing a "stabilized" pepper, that is far from stable.
  6. armac

    Pepper People are the Best

    Got some okra seeds that Butch T has been growing, supposed to GOOD>   Thanks Butch
  7. armac

    How can I get forum members to buy my peppers?

        best answer yet
  8. armac

    vendor Best Business Practices... BakersPeppers... $ 5,000 Facts... No Drama... Admins... No Trolls in this

    Rhody, interest free loans are not economically practical, but very nice of you. If you figure in inflation you are not even being made whole.
  9. armac

    Yellow Reaper Seeds

     Chris....... Tex Got them from Ed, he talked with Ed about them and sent Ed an box of yellow pods. They may have been one of the weird variety, but they were reapers.
  10. armac

    Yellow Reaper Seeds

    Tex16 had the first yellow reapers, he may have some seeds.
  11. armac

    vendor Best Business Practices... BakersPeppers... $ 5,000 Facts... No Drama... Admins... No Trolls in this

    When did the term 'pile on' come back into fashion?   Also the unrepentant borrower here, please read my signature, been there for a year or so.
  12. armac

    Pepper People are the Best

    thanks Kevin.......
  13. armac

    vendor Baker Peppers did me wrong!! Should have listened to THP and went with JUDY!!

    I had these guys pegged a long time ago, review any of my numerous interactions with both of these fine gentleman. Just took you guys longer to catch on.
  14. armac


    Judy is the best vendor we have, bar none. Always been great with customer service and the coolest peppers.
  15. armac

    Baker's Peppers and "The Reaper"

    If you 'owned everything you say' you would have quit posting in this thread the first time you quit the thread. Actions not words show a person's integrity.
  16. armac

    Soap Opera

    Pot calling the kettle black.........why all the drama? Then start threads like this. I think old Ocho likes the attention, otherwise why start these types of threads. are you a good guy or a bad guy Ocho, tell us. You seem to have everyone labeled.
  17. armac

    Baker's Peppers and "The Reaper"

    Dale you have said you were 'done with this thread' at least twice. Man up and be truthful, be done, you are just digging yourself in deeper.
  18. armac

    Baker's Peppers and "The Reaper"

    Yeah their lawyer should be able to get them out of this, but it may cost them 30,000 bucks.
  19. armac

    Baker's Peppers and "The Reaper"

    you ever hear of the woman that sued McDonalds for selling her hot coffee? She won.......Buy that are in America, the lawyers are hungry and the court system can be stupid.....mention that to the 'Boss'. I guess we need a PSA about products sold for food, but not labeled as such.