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  1. ArkansasJack

    Wendy's ghost pepper fries

    I just started a thread about Wendy's ghost pepper fries did not see this one. They are vary good but no heat what so ever a little spicy When I say little vary little spice the little green peppers they are topped with taste like bell peppers.
  2. ArkansasJack

    chinense Wendy's ghost pepper fries

    What a joke the fries were good but no heat what so ever tastes like bell peppers Any one else tried them and have feed back ?
  3. ArkansasJack

    Happy Birthday Nigel

    Cheers and happy happy birthday Nigel.
  4. ArkansasJack

    Happy Birthday, Coheed196!

    Happy birthday coheed have not seen him around in awhile hope he comes back strong this year.
  5. ArkansasJack

    Welcome me, welcome you

    Welcome to thp from arkansas......
  6. ArkansasJack

    I love the changes my plants are going through

    Awesome when a plan works out. Got any pictures ?
  7. ArkansasJack

    2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

    Can't wait to see pictures joe your 2014 blog rocked. Where did you get your fermentation jars joe ?
  8. ArkansasJack

    pics The Post Your Seedling Pics Thread

    My plants 5 weeks old.
  9. ArkansasJack

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome to thp from arkansas.............
  10. ArkansasJack

    NFL Super Bowl 2015 Contest

    539 yards total Pats win 31-24
  11. ArkansasJack

    Hello from Oklahoma heat lovers!

    Welcome to thp from your neighbor to the east in arkansas..
  12. ArkansasJack

    Howdy from the sticks!

    Welcome to thp from arkansas.....
  13. ArkansasJack

    Hello from Idaho!

    Welcome to thp from arkansas....
  14. ArkansasJack

    Two Word Turd

    Looks like
  15. ArkansasJack


    Welcome to thp the most friendliest place on the planet.......
  16. ArkansasJack

    Hello from US Army Base in Germany :)

    Welcome to thp from Arkansas........
  17. ArkansasJack

    I am White Moses I am from St. Louis as well

    Welcome to thp from arkansas...........
  18. ArkansasJack

    Straw Man here - Hercules, CA

    Welcome to thp from arkansas........
  19. ArkansasJack

    Happy Birthday, Hophead!

    Cheers and happy happy birthday
  20. ArkansasJack

    Need help spending lil bit o $

    Just don't buy seeds. LoL