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    Worcester Area

    Worcester Area
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    raised-bed Need advice on fillling 2 raised beds

    Hi, Thanks for the good advice guys. So I plan on buying a couple bales of peat and some bags of topsoil. Any ideas on what is a good ration? Unfortunately, I don't have any real compost so I think I am out of luck there. Any other options for compost? I do have some pure leaf compost that...
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    raised-bed Need advice on fillling 2 raised beds

    Hi, So the wife and I are building 2 raised beds that will be 7x3. I need advice on the most cost effective and easiest way to fill them.. We were at lowes today and were looking at the premier peat bales. They were like $10 for each. We figure we would need 4-5 of them. If we go this route...
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    Calling all Leaf Curl Experts

    Hi, I am experiencing some leaf curl in a bunch of my plants. Check out these pics. Plants are under shop lights 24/7 and receive small dose of fish fert and epsom waterings. Any Ideas?
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    Can I mist my pepper plants every other day or even every day if...

    Thanks Patrick. .... Runs off to Foliar feed...........
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    Can I mist my pepper plants every other day or even every day if...

    Hi, So is misting the plants important? Does foliar feeding make a big difference? Currently I am just feeding the plants through normal watering. I'm wondering if I should be spraying something on my plants as well. thanks for the info.
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    seeds Just ordered a pack of ghost pepper seeds

    +1 Just make sure to save some of your Ghost Pepper Seeds for next year. And start in January next year :)
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    AcidRain23's 2010 Peppers

    Welcome from Boston! I tried to overwinter some plants last year but was plagued with massive Aphid infestations. I wish I could avoid them little buggers.
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    seeds Just ordered a pack of ghost pepper seeds

    My greatest tip for starting would be to use the search feature. Beyond that, get those seeds in some dirt as soon as possible if you want a chance of seeing some ripe peppers this season.
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    Whats you ratio of chinense to non chinense planted this season?

    They make non-chinense peppers? ;)
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    Paper Towel Germ Questions

    Good to see this year old thread still moving :) I didn't have great success with the Paper Towels or coffee filters last year. I went with Jiffy Pellets for this season and have had better results. I just like the ease of starting them in the pellets and not needing to transplant them after...
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    Thats right. I cut up some old wine corks to act as separators. I think I'm gonna bring these puppies outside for a little while. Its so nice out today.
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    Thanks Patrick. I'm looking forward to watching the XL Trini Congo seeds that you sent me grow :D
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    Thanks for the advice AJ. I just removed it like you said. The rest of the plant looks normal so hopefully the trouble was isolated to that leaf. Many of the Cotyedons are turning yellow and dropping but I think that is normal, right?
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    health spots

    I agree, that doesn't look natural.
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    I love the compact growth on this Cayenne: Here are some other plants: Bhut: Yellow Scorpion - CARDI (Thanks Cmpman):
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    6 Week Update OK, so I am 6 weeks in and I'm still growing strong Most plants are doing well and then there are a couple of slow growers (i.e. my 1 naga seed) Here are some updated pics: Jalepeno Ms are out of control. They ended up a little leggy but are already getting close to...
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    JJBagoose 2010 Grow Log

    Nate, I did drill holes but I am still top watering. Don't know if it would be better to bottom feed. In general I am letting the plants get pretty dry before re-watering. In my past experience the plants seem to do better drying out like that instead of being of overwatered like I have...
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    lighting Whats better...longer hours of weaker lighting or shorter hours of actual sunlight?

    I would think that this early in the season that the Shoplights are the better option. The reason I say this is because for me in Massachusetts I won't be fully comfortable planting outside until late april or even late may. In my experience relying on Window light results in leggy plants...