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    Newbie from the Appalachains

    ==================================== Welcome from Johnson City, TN....just over the ridge from you. We love AVL
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    hot-sauce The Hottest Fu**IN Sauce.

    Ouch....that's gonna leave a mark....
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    Lethal Ingestion

    Looks interesting. Is it on the market yet?
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    hot-sauce Bhut/Fatalii hot sauce

    Sounds great. LOL at your wife's comments. Sound like my house when I'm cooking habs.
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    Newbie mistake!!

    It could have been could have taken a leak...... Welcome to the board.
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    Tried my first Super hot....

    Congrats. My fatalii's were pretty hot last year. Excluding the naga's, it was a toss-up between my caribbean reds and fataliis for hottest of my crop. I love the reds, but you can't beat the flavor of the fataliis. I look forward to this year's harvest.
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    In need of some growing tips, please.

    Interesting thought. At this point, they're just out of the ground....too soon to think about pruning. As for a soil change...any suggestions to boost yield? As a med student, I don't really have time to mix my own soil or seek to hard to find that perfect blend of soil. What commercially...
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    Official introduction

    =============================== Sounds like a fascinating living situation. I'm jealous. Welcome from TN
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    In need of some growing tips, please.

    I'm talking about seedlings. I'd like to have bushier plants this year. I've heard that selective pruning can work. As for lights, I'm using 65W gro-lights. As AJ pointed out, I may have them too far from the plants (They're a little over a foot above them). I'm looking for any/all tips for...
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    In need of some growing tips, please.

    I notice from many of the pix posted here that most growers' plants are bushier and shorter than mine. What's the secret? Pruning? If so, what's the best method? If not, what else works? I've got gro-lights on mine in the dorm I did last year. I turn on the lights when I get up in...
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    Hi folks!

    Welcome from E. TN
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    What's up? It dawned on me that I never took the time to thank you for the seeds. I've got...

    What's up? It dawned on me that I never took the time to thank you for the seeds. I've got sprouts from all 3 types (yours beat AJ's to break ground...just so you know....) Anyway, thanks for the seeds Josh
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    How to acclimatise?!

    I rest my case. By some, I should have said Imaguitargod. It's a relative thing. If you've been snacking on bhuts, by comparison, habs aren't that hot. But just a short while ago, habs were the hottest thing going. While tolerable.....and even enjoyable.....habs are hot. There are hotter...
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    How to acclimatise?!

    The first one is the hardest....because of the anticipation. It's not so bad after that. Some on this board will tell you that habaneros aren't that hot......they are. But there are hotter peppers out there. I'll be taking the naga plunge this year myself. Good luck. :hell:
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    How to acclimatise?!

    Eat heat. The more, the better.
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    food Putting hot peppers into scrambled eggs

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    grills Information on Brinkman Gourmet Smoker and Grill

    From what I understand, mesquite is good for grilling, but lousy for smoking. If you don't have a good firewood supply, chunks will work....but pretty much any type of hardwood will work.
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    Garlic farmer wants peppers

    Welcome from Johnson City/Harrogate TN
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    Hi all, from Italy

    Welcome from Johnson City/Harrogate TN