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  1. Mister_Al

    what are you doing with excess peppers

    I take what I don't need to a mexican food store a few miles down the road and give them to the store owner.. It helps them out some and I don't worry about what to do with the extra pods.   Alan
  2. Mister_Al

    My First Superhot Experience

    My first superhot was a Butch T. Scorpion--what an experience!
  3. Mister_Al

    Pepperlover NAR: what is this?

      The pepper looked like a C.Chinense to me, except for the single pod at the node ( C. Chinense usually has multiple pods). But this isn't written in stone. You're right, I'll just grow it this year and solve the mystery. Thanks for the reply.   Alan
  4. Mister_Al

    Pepperlover NAR: what is this?

    I ordered some Nar seeds from and got them today. The seeds are labeled as C. Baccatum and not C. Chinense as I had imagined. Is this correct, or are they mislabeled? I don't see any way to contact about it so if anyone can help I'd appreciate it   Alan
  5. Mister_Al

    Worst Pepper

    I have to agree that the Bulgarian Carrot is the worst pepper I've tried to eat. Its skin is so tough you have to cut it with a hack saw and its taste isn't any better.
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    Message sent.
  7. Mister_Al

    Need a few Moruga seeds.

    I got a few seeds from (thanks Judy). I hope everyone has a good growing season this year.
  8. Mister_Al

    Need a few Moruga seeds.

    I need about ten seeds each of Trinidad Moruga pepper (red and yellow). This isn't the scorpion/moruga blend, but the plain moruga pepper. I can trade some reaper seeds, or maybe something else,    Thanks,   Alan
  9. Mister_Al

    Getting back in the swing and need a few seeds

    I can help out with some reaper seeds if you need them. LMK.
  10. Mister_Al

    Need a few Morouga seeds

    Thanks for the link. I've bookmarked it for later if I need it.   Alan
  11. Mister_Al

    Need a few Morouga seeds

    I have a few Brown Morouga seeds, but thanks for the offer.   Alan
  12. Mister_Al

    Need a few Morouga seeds

    Message sent. Thanks   Alan
  13. Mister_Al

    Need a few Morouga seeds

    I need a few seeds of Red Morouga pepper and Yellow Morouga pepper. I'm not looking for the Morouga blend seeds but just the plain Morouga seeds.   I have a few Carolina Reaper (isolated) seeds for trade, or can pay for them if the price is reasonable.   Thanks,   Alan
  14. Mister_Al

    favorite What's your favorite Pubescens?

    Without a doubt the yellow Manzano. I found a couple of them last week that were almost as big as my fist at a little mexican food store down the road. They had a thick juicy flesh and a heat that would definitely get your attention. I saved a few of the seeds if you'd like some.   Alan 
  15. Mister_Al

    chinense Can anyone hook me up with some carolina reapers?

    The seeds from the freezer should be viable if they come from a mature pod. Pepper seeds survive colder temps outside than in the freezer and still come up the next year.
  16. Mister_Al

    You know you're a Chilli nut when...............

    You know you're a chili nut when:   Your dentist burns his hands while cleaning your teeth.
  17. Mister_Al

    fertilizer fertilizer

    I just use regular old miracle-gro plant food (15-30-15) at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water from the time I plant the seeds till I plant them in the garden. Small plants just need enough to eat to keep them from being deficient in anything. The high Phosphorus in the plant food helps give the...
  18. Mister_Al

    seeds Keeping an Electric Fan on Seedlings?

    I never use a fan and my seedlings usually grow sturdy stems. The trick is to let the soil dry out enough between waterings to allow the roots to breath. This cuts down on soil fungus and causes the plants to grow a healthy root system. The only air circulation my plants get is when I open the...
  19. Mister_Al

    free Free 7 Pod Primo and Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate seeds SASBE

    If I'm not too late, I'd like the scorpions and the Primos.   Alan