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    Question: Devils Tounge and Fatalii

    I've grown both for a few years, the devils tongues that I grew were just a tiny bit shorter in length than the fatallis, they both had the same color , the flavor and heat tasted the same to me as well... I'm guessing that the devils tongue possibly might be a hybrid variation of fatalli...
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    Unknown Peppers

    These look like the dutch chilis I grew a couple of years ago... I got my seeds from ...just went there and looked at the list, they don't have the dutch chili on the new updated list now, it's a nice pepper, not all that hot, maybe a 6 or 7...
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    This pepper put the hurt on me!

    I really like thai peppers and I've grown six or more different thai peppers so far, my favorite is prik kee noo, great flavor and good heat too, and this plant you've got looks kinda like pics I've seen of thai dragon... and if it is as hot as you say it is I would love to get some seeds from...
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    sale from nursery!

    Nicole: thanks for the heads up on the nursery sale... they still had some plants left in stock that I was interested in, so I just placed an order... too funny... already got over 200 plants going in the garden right now so why not add 12 more right? nothing succeeds like excess... it was the...
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    flavor Anyone here grown and tasted the giant thai hot pepper?

    Silver_Surfer: ... yes did look at the link to the picture of your thai giant plant, and thanks for the picture, and... wow... it's really very prolific isn't it... I gotta grow some of these...
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    flavor Anyone here grown and tasted the giant thai hot pepper?

    Silver_Surfer: Thanks for posting the picture, thats a fine looking harvest of peppers...
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    flavor Anyone here grown and tasted the giant thai hot pepper?

    AjarnV: thanks for your comments about the nice flavor, thats what I'm looking for is a pepper that tastes really good, and if it's a really hot pepper too , well thats also nice. I've been growing Prik Kee Noo and orange thai for a few years and really like them, and I've grown several other...
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    flavor Anyone here grown and tasted the giant thai hot pepper?

    Recently I saw a chef on the travel channel using a giant thai pepper about the size of a jalapeno which he said was very very hot, so I googled it and cross country nurseries sells the plants and says its very hot, and then I found park seed has the giant thai hot seeds to sell but they say...
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    Anyone tried a pepper called Bonda Ma Jacque ?

    Bonda ma jacques is my new favorite pepper, I grew six plants this past summer, and they are fairly productive too. the taste is kinda like a lighter version of fatalli, fruity, but not as intensely fruity flavored as fatalli, and not nearly as hot as fatalli... they are equal in heat to most...
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    Paper Lanterns

    I've grown paper lanterns for several years now, and they are kinda like a habanero lite, nothing special in the flavor really, and not as hot as the average habanero... it is a fairly productive plant with a good crop of them on a bush... apple pie
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    chinense I tried my first homegrown bhut and 7 POD

    My first ripe 7pod this season was a beautiful large bumpy red one with a pointed end on it, and I chopped the whole pepper up fine and mixed it into a red potato to go along with some fried catfish... yeah, it was hotter than my favortie fatalli's... also, later it caused a fair amount of...
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    Chocolate Fatali-No Heat?

    UnNatural: last season all the yellow fatalli plants were normal, and this is my first season for tasmanian habs, these two particular plants were so close they had their branches mixed together and I just assumed that either the closeness or the bumble bees had cross polinated them... all the...
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    Chocolate Fatali-No Heat?

    I've got five chocolate fatalli plants, and just picked my first ripe one, it was six inches long, beautiful dark brown, impressive looking pepper... with no all...none... oh well... but then one of my yellow fatalli plants which was next to a tasmanian habanero got crossed and...
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    chinense Do these look like bih jolokias to you?

    they look just like hot paper lantern... apple pie
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    Wtf, Two Days to Dry Peppers???

    Silver Surfer: my dehydrator is just a cheap one from harbor freight... and I pack it crammed full with peppers,it's slow but it works... I've got a little over 200 plants this season so it's going to be running for a while... just ate my first red 7 pot with lunch yesterday,I chopped the...
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    Wtf, Two Days to Dry Peppers???

    Here in alabama the humidity is high most of the time, and it ususally takes 3 days to dry a full load in my five level dehydrator... and like millworkman said, cutting the pods in half will help ... apple pie
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    I grew some of the lemon drop peppers a couple of years ago, and like katrina said, they tasted kinda perfumey to me, not much like lemon at all...anyway they had good heat... apple pie
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    I can haz ID?

    Bolivian Rainbow... I got some of these seeds as a bonus mystery mix when I ordered from rainbow chile seeds...I've got two really nice plants right now just loaded with peppers and they are really colorful...haven't eaten any yet, still waiting for one to turn fully red... apple pie
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    favorite The Fatalii is my Favorite Hot Pepper..

    Fatalii is my favorite, and also it's the hottest pepper I've grown so far of over 60 varieties that I've tried. The fatalii's have been consistently hotter than any of the habaneros I've grown. The fruity flavor is just a mouthful of joy, although the burn that strips the back of the throat is...
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    wanted looking for: Bonda ma Jaques,Harolds st Barts seeds

    To Peppermanbaha: thanks for the tip about rainbow chile seeds, I will order the bonda ma jacques seeds from them... To Kylestl: if all goes well this season I'll have some chocolate fatalii for you... To Potawie: I like my chicken spicy too, so far the hottest pepper I've grown here has been...