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  1. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

      WOW!! Just peeked at that recipe, it's off the chain!! Bet it's awesome!
  2. Art Couture

    The 12th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    3rd place in Featured Pepper, Awesome!!!  So happy you reached out to me.  Happier still that my first large, commercial production, of sauce won any award!  Inspires me to continue and strive for a first place.  Thanks to the judges.
  3. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

    Thanks Captain.  Will do.
  4. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

      Thanks Capt. Caliente (and to the forum for letting a "newbie" participate).   Looking forward to trying it out?   Quick questions:  What are the peppers (from left to right)?  Maybe will harvest some seeds.  
  5. Art Couture

    tutorial Natural Gums info

    Great info!!!  As my sauces are all vinegar based, I rely on fruit/vegetable "fillers", such as beets, carrots, apples, etc. to "thicken" my sauces.  Your info may allow me to try a different option.  Thanks. 
  6. Art Couture

    Dehydrating Peppers

    I did my first run of dried peppers this season.  Used an old Decosonic (circa early eighties) convection oven.  Process took about 45 - 60 minutes per batch.  Three batches equaled 8 ounces of dried pepper flakes (I did not fine grind)  Just did it to get rid of peppers I didn't plan on saucing...
  7. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

    Glad to participate, hope my recipient enjoys.
  8. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

    Package shipping out tomorrow.
  9. Art Couture

    Secret Satan 2018

    I'M in.    USA
  10. Art Couture

    Hello from New Hampshire

    Hello all.  Just introducing myself.  First year producing a large batch of sauce that I'm able to sell (after jumping through a lot of State Food Safety hoops).  Thank you to this site for inviting me enter a submission into this year's competition.