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    hydroponic hotpepperfiend

    The warm welcome (pardon the pseudo-pun) was great! Thanks all!
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    food Hot potato chips ...

    Admin: How about just adding the spices to store bought kettle cooked potato chips? I've often thought about trying to imitate the new Dave's Hot Habanero chips. Anyone tried?
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    hydroponic hotpepperfiend

    Thanks Staffing! Red Savinas anyone? Thanks for the welcome staffing! I'm sure I'll have a great time too! I've recently harvested my summer habs and have som red savina seedlings well under way. I'll post some pics later. Anyone else growing habs?
  4. hotpepperfiend

    hydroponic hotpepperfiend

    Hello everyone! I'm hotpepperfiiend (hpf)Just wanted to become a member on a hot pepper forum so I can discuss all things hot pepper oriented. I love growing habs hydroponically and am interested in swapping recipes with all kinds of spice in them! :twisted: -hpf