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  1. Skyjerk

    Back in the game

    Howdy all. Been a couple years since I posted. I've been "between places" and havent been able to grow. Before that the best I could do was a container garden on my deck. Finally, I have a single family home with a yard and I plan to get back to it with a real garden this time. Sadly, what...
  2. Skyjerk

    Finally ate the naga

    Its hard to imagine something meaner than that, but I'm game :cool:
  3. Skyjerk

    Finally ate the naga

    Hey man! Actually this years seeds came from the same peppers I got from you 3 years ago, so is that considered first gen or second? I still have a few left for next year too, before I have to start using seeds from peppers I grew. Been trying to avoid any weakening of the strain for as long...
  4. Skyjerk

    Finally ate the naga

    I may be dumb enough to eat one, but my dog isn't nearly as stupid as I am. :crazy:
  5. Skyjerk

    Finally ate the naga

    This was yesterday morning. Today its nearly 24 hours later and my mouth still isn't "normal" Feels like my whole mouth is on a low dose of Novocaine. Slightly numb. Weird. :)
  6. Skyjerk

    Finally ate the naga

    Been growing Naga Morich and making sauce for several years now, but up till now I have been too chicken to eat a Naga Morich whole. It just looked BAD and the little pieces I have tried seemed more than enough. Still, for all my growing efforts and sauce making, I always felt like a poser in...
  7. Skyjerk

    Beautiful Naganero...

    Its my wallpaper too :)
  8. Skyjerk

    Beautiful Naganero...

    I used an electric buffer and some polish :rofl:
  9. Skyjerk

    Beautiful Naganero...

    It actually would have occurred 4 years ago. I got a couple Naga Morich pods from a fellow forum member. I've been growing Naga's from this same seed batch for the last 3 years and never produced anything other than regular Naga Morich. This year I sprouted 3 Naga's but what I ended up with was...
  10. Skyjerk

    Beautiful Naganero...

    This plant is a Naga Morich crossed with either a Red Savina or Caribbean Red. Gonna try one this weekend! Cant wait to see what its like :onfire:
  11. Skyjerk

    breeding Naga Morich + Caribbean Red hybrid?

    I grow my Naga's from the same batch of seeds which I took from a Naga Morich pod 3 years ago. Still using those same seeds. I grew 3 Naga Morich plants this year and they are all producing nice pods, but one of them seems to be producing pods that have characteristics of Naga and Caribbean Red...
  12. Skyjerk

    1.5 million extract

    This number has absolutely no meaning when the rest of the ingredients have no quantities listed.
  13. Skyjerk


    LOL. I like that sig line, man ;) I'm honored...I think :shocked:
  14. Skyjerk

    DE/str8 shavers unite!

    Nope. If you never start using a lubricant in the first place, you dont develop a need for them.
  15. Skyjerk

    Anyone near Strasburg PA ...

    Lots of nice farms. Lots of Amish families. Lots of Horse and buggies to get stuck behind :) I'm about 18 miles east of there. Not a whole lot to do/see around there unless you ride motorcycles. I love riding through the area. Lots of nice roads.
  16. Skyjerk

    DE/str8 shavers unite!

    I use an old fashioned DE razor for my face. I shave after a hot shower and I don't use any lather or cream. I use a Schick Quatro for my skull, which I do in the shower, likewise no lather or cream. Just hot water.
  17. Skyjerk

    Question for Aussies unrelated to peppers.

    Is there a consumer protection agency in Australia? I have made a purchase with a business in NSW near Sydney. I live in the USA. I double-verified that this was a legitimate business with a good reputation prior to making any transaction, but now it seems that this business may be in trouble...
  18. Skyjerk

    Sky's 2010 season.

    Hey there Sky brother! Looks like your babies are about the same size as mine so far. hope you have a good growing season!
  19. Skyjerk

    Naga pic new camera...

    I'll have to snap some Caribbean Reds in a few days. I should have some nice ripe ones by then...