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    Hurting..Please Help!!

    Just leave the vinegar out! lol
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    Damn Brown Recluse Bite Strikes Again

    Didn't know it could come back. It's been 2 years for me since my bite and no recurrences, Take care of yourself!
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    No fire in Kentucky

    Business lics only cost about $30.00. Get one and buy from suppliers wholesale. That's what I did. Frank's Sauces is currently sold out because fighting cancer became expensive, but I hope to be running again soon. With a lic, HotShots will set you up with a first order of $450.00 You can't...
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    Another Empty Bottle

    I reached for my Jersey Death that's always by the couch. It was empty! Could have sworn I opened it in May?? So I looked around and found some Mega Death to put on my grilled chicken. Lots of it before I felt the heat. Am I getting jaded on the heat?:( Anybody else having this problem? If...
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    I hate a thief.....

    Frigging bummer. Taliban had the plan for thieves. I have no qualms about cutting one's hands off.
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    One of Those Weeks!

    On Sat, a wood chip got me in the eye. Bummer. Could see again after a while. Next night, while eating, it itched and I touched it. Would have been OK if I didn't have JD on my finger!:onfire: Then Mon, while driving and with glasses on, a bug wacked the same eye!!!!!!! Dang it. Then, last...
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    Hope you heal OK. Take care.
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    do you refrigerate???

    I do, but I keep a bottle of JD in my hot truck yearround. Never went bad.
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    Defcon 3 is HOT!

    I'm probably a bit 'teched in der hade' with heat. I use Jersey Death on nearly everything. But Down South is my favorite. Just finished 2 egg muffins liberally splashed with JD. Should have taken a picture. I can eat a hab OK, but they make make me queasy for 10-15 minutes. Then, I'm back...
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    Defcon 3 is HOT!

    You think so? Zero is 'nice'. No bad taste, not tooo hot. Final answer has such a taste, I don't know at times if it's the heat or the taste that gets me.
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    Defcon 3 is HOT!

    I think the ideal wing sauce would be Defcon1 with 1/2 a vial of Zero.
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    Defcon 1

    I had forgotten. I had poured it on 2-3 slices of pizza and eaten that first. Delicious!!!!!!! OMRI I have cases of sauce that have expired dates. I need to remake money to restock my online store. I only carry great sauces, and not all great ones either, but couldn't devote any time to it...
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    Sauce Links Site

    Any makers or sellers can submit their site to me through the links submit button on my Links site. No ads there. No charge. I do have a 'Donate' button, but it's not a requirement in way. Member of 'Ring of Smoke' and 'Ring of Fire'.
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    New Chile Site :D

    Nice Site. Need a link for your new site? Use the link request button on my site.
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    Nice site.
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    Defcon 1

    I just dug a year or so OLD bottle of 1 out of the fridge to help me eat some chicken poppers. I poured on my plate cold and drowned each popper like I was useing ranch sauce. I noticed the heat is still there right away.:mouthonfire: After about 15 of them, I had to slow down a bit. It was...
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    We really getting the heat advertised?

    When we Chili Heads get together, we'll have 15-20 bottles on the table. Dave's, Venom, Mega, Jersey, and numerous milder ones, and top is Final Answer. We taste all and can tell levels from one to another. Even a few scovilles worth. Since I use Jersey on most everything everyday, not many...
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    Good medical advice....

    I'll start my new diet tomorrow!
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    R.I.P. Cap Lover!

    My condolences too, though I never knew him. We're all one big family here.
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    Distributor Question

    :shocked: Sounds fishy. Does it smell fishy?:lol: