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  1. Dykealiscious

    wanted Looking to buy Fresh Pods

    There's a couple of facebook groups with guys selling pods all the time. Decent prices..usually stuff a box for flat fee. Hot pepper growing society is one of them and the other is something chili something dark side. Lol...i don't remember. Sent from my 2PS64 using Tapatalk
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    Shorerider's heavy haulage.

    Drools Sent from my 2PS64 using Tapatalk
  3. Dykealiscious

    Idiot puts his C**k into insanely hot Naga Morich sauce

    There's a fine line between pleasrue and pain. Sadly, I think we all now know this guy's O-face and it's not pretty. It puts the naga on its skin.
  4. Dykealiscious

    food Holy Mole!

    I've been lurking. I just havnt grown anything since last year. I have been mashing a batch of different super hots since August so now they are soaking in vinegar and I just havnt gotten around to making the sauce. But this batch will likely kill me lol.
  5. Dykealiscious

    food Holy Mole!

    Typo lol
  6. Dykealiscious

    food Holy Mole!

    Those goods look like scorpions. Hehe
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    Doing well, not so well

         Let them go as long as possible outside, then if they're still unripe, pick them and put them in a paper bag inside.  Okay. Whats the weather cutoff point?
  8. Dykealiscious

    Happy Birthday Dykealiscious

    Omg i JUST saw this! Thank you everyone!
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    Doing well, not so well

    Started all my plants in January. Some are well over 2 feet tall in hanging baskets from my small deck. I have 2 chocolate fatalli, 2 yellow devil's tongue (one is producing what appears to be scorpion so I think they were mislabled), 1 moreka fana, 1 peter pepper, one reaper and 1 Butch T.  ...
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    Looking for super small operation advice

    That's okay I was trying to be funny. :-D
  11. Dykealiscious

    Looking for super small operation advice

    Thanks! On mobile I couldn't find the button to imbed or copy. You're missing one ;-) So whattaya think?!
  12. Dykealiscious

    Looking for super small operation advice

    As of today I have 6 varieties going with 8 plants. I have pics but I can't seem to post them through tapatalk. This shouldn't be so dang hard. Okay so this is Merico Fana and Peter pepper, both starting to flower.
  13. Dykealiscious

    food First attempt at hot fruit rollups

    I followed a base recipe I found online at I was amused at the note to add 1/2 tsp of cayenne powder to make an adults only version. So I wondered what this would make it.   I had just gotten my box of...
  14. Dykealiscious

    Potting mix recipe advice

    You know, my coworker potted my seedlings in a wonderful fertalizer mix from Costco. I just hit it with fish fertilizer every 3 weeks and they are huge for being in hanging baskets.
  15. Dykealiscious

    review Review: Lucky Dog hot sauce

    After poking around the forums I came across the maker of Lucky Dog hot sauce and bought the orange, pink and black labels. First of all, they claim to make all natural sauces and I can tell you my mouth knows this is true. Everything was so clean and distinguishable on the tongue. The...
  16. Dykealiscious

    Looking for super small operation advice

    Hey everyone. Update: I've got 3" tall seedlings with 2-3 pairs of leaves for my peppers. When they get bigger and it gets hotter here, I'll be bringing home 6 plants, and an additional plant of peter peppers and cayenne she is growing. I'll post pics when they get here.
  17. Dykealiscious

    preservation Naga Morich Vinegar

      Soooo I went ahead and made a new batch of sauce. YUMMMMM. I'm good on my word. PM me your address and I'll send you a sample. My only request is that you send me the bottle back when you're done or if you have one just like it (dasher) send me one in return. I bought a 6 pack and I'm down to...
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    Wing Dome Challange

    There are folks in South Florida who get together and socialize, we call them the SoFlo Posse.  There's also a PA Posse in Pennsylvania, and us up here in the NW are called the Northwest Pack.  It's all unofficial, but we have a lot of fun.  :lol:   We get together for a camping gig in...
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    preservation Naga Morich Vinegar

          Good call! I make ours with some smoked ham hocks in them. Gotta love soul food!     Good idea! I'd be willing to provide my professional opinion as a food critic. ;) Ill make some again and keep you in mind. I have more vinegar