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  1. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

    Anyone who uses Yahoo Mail should change to a new service.   I had been getting frustrated with delays recently, so I did a test this morning, sent 7 e-mails out to different addresses on different sites and waited to see how long they took to arrive. That was 10am this morning. NONE have...
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    ~~FREE CONTEST~~ September 2013

    So, what's the word on this contest, Junior?
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    Anyone who are willing to send fresh pods to Norway??!

    Express international courier service and packed in a thermal bag with dry ice would keep them fresh all the way to the Fjords.   Men det vil koste masse Krone!  
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    Here you go, 1/2 lb. of Kopi Luwak green beans goes for $94.60  
  5. GreenTea

    wanted Looking for Bhut Jolokia Seeds

    $3 for 10 seeds   Best to buy them from a good source.
  6. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

    You'll just have to learn a new skill to make money. ;)   The more people know how to protect themselves the better!   Wishing people stay ignorant, just so you can keep earning money on repair jobs is super self centered. Kinda like a Doctor saying "I hope everyone gets cancer so I can buy a...
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    Funny pic of the day. Anyone?

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    Computer and Internet Security

    I recomend a course from "The Great Courses" website called; Thinking about Cybersecurity.   Its a bit expensive, but.... doesn't have to be *wink wink*. ;)   University lectures all about up to date security issues and how...
  9. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

    I don't use social media sites at all. Never signed up for f@$$book (best online choice I ever made), and I avoid using gaagle as much as possible. I've abandoned the old geemail and yootoob accounts I used to have. These days if I have to use gaagle sites I do it without a login, just anonymous...
  10. GreenTea

    Picked up a couple of more razors

    Harner 7/8 Damascus Razor, Titanium & Exotic Hardwood scales Price: $1,100.00
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    Random facts

    There are people alive today in 2013 who are still recieving survivor benefit payments from the U.S. Civil War (ended in the year 1865). Those people are today elderly children who were fathered in the 1920s and 1930s by Civil War veterans in their 70s and 80s. Payouts usually end when children...
  12. GreenTea

    Picked up a couple of more razors

    How much do you pay for these?  I'm curious.   I looked a few up (for fun) and was shocked to see that SOME of these fancy craft metal razors cost upward of $1100.....
  13. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

      It's the viruses that you don't ever see that can bankrupt you. Someone puts up a malicious piece of code on a website, and if your computer is unprotected they can see everything you do on your computer, including seeing through your webcam ,listening through your mic, and stealing your...
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    Computer and Internet Security

        Could you expand on that? How would you get hacked while moving over?
  15. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

    Wow, that's one heck of a reply!  Thanks. I'll be spending quite a bit of time looking up a lot of those suggestions. Some of it I've already come across, but most not. I agree that Windows has got to go, but haven't got around to it yet. My laptop uses Windows 8 and I have a SSD, so I'll have...
  16. GreenTea

    Computer and Internet Security

    Is anyone else fascinated by internet security, even if you're just a rank amateur?   I'm nowhere near competent in I.T. and security and I have to take a lot of things on faith, because I really don't know if programs are good or not. For example, all these new programs that have become...
  17. GreenTea

    auction Auction - 1/4lb of pepper powder! *closed*

    I'll give you an empty Peanut Butter jar and a used Sony DIscman signed by the late Micheal Jackson.  
  18. GreenTea

    300 Young People's Lives

          Yeah, just when you feel sorry for the guy, you find out he might be a scumbag trying to cash in... But who knows, maybe the neighbours have kids named on the list and they are just trying to smear their accuser.   Still, those punks did bust up the house quite a bit, so they shouldn't get...
  19. GreenTea

    300 Young People's Lives

    The night of August 31st almost 300 students banded together in the Stephentown NY area and broke into the home of former NFL player Brian Holloway.   They partied and drunkenly smashed windows, urinated on the floors, stood on tables, punched holes in the ceiling and stole a statue that was...