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  1. dlsolo

    wanted Big Sun Habanero Seeds

    Hey there folks... Hope you can help me out. Wife wants some Big Sun Habs, but my 2016 seeds ain't sprouting. Before going out to the big names, wanted to see anyone had some seeds they'd be willing to sell. Looking for about 20-30 seeds (15'ish plants needed). If i'm low balling the amount...
  2. dlsolo

    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

      Mine grow more yellow than orange.  I've got some non-MOAs from Judy (circa 2014) that would grow a bit more on the orange side.  Haven't touched those since.  May look at sprouting a few seed to grow in the grow tent over the winter.
  3. dlsolo

    chinense Best Scotch Bonnet??

    I've been growing Judy's MOA SB's for the past 7-8 years.  Shoot, I've not even looked elsewhere.  They just grow!   Year after year, the consistency of flavor and heat probably played into my calculus of not looking for other sources...
  4. dlsolo

    chinense OBEAH F1 - Reaper x MoA Scotch Bonnet

    I'm not in a position to say it's fully stable but, each year I grow them, I get the same looking peppers. I love this pepper so much that each year I save the seeds and label the plot number, year, and size of the pepper (grams). Haven't notice that it crosses with either the MOA's I grow...
  5. dlsolo

    chinense OBEAH F1 - Reaper x MoA Scotch Bonnet

    I started 4 plants this year. Been saving about 20-30 seeds a year. I haven't seen much variation from year to year. I've been growing them for the past 6 or 7 years now. One of my favorite peppers. Once the plants are big enough to worthy a picture, I'll post some. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL...
  6. dlsolo

    seeds Seed viability over time

    I'm right there with you this year. Just soaked some fatalii seeds I got back in 2012 in some chamomile tea and put them in a ziploc baggie. Mama is making me use or toss my older seeds as I even have some from back in 2009... Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  7. dlsolo

    DF 2020 Veg Glog

    Merry Christmas!  Brrr... and here I was complaining about the 19 degrees F this morning.   It was nice and crunchy out when I had to go out and make sure my frost cloth over the beds didn't move due to the wind.    We still have some Kale, Swiss Chard, Bangor carrots, and Walla Walla onions. ...
  8. dlsolo

    DF 2020 Veg Glog

    We grow the amish paste tomatoes every year to replenish out tomato paste supply. And those winter luxury pumpkins are great! Now you've got me interested in those others. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  9. dlsolo

    DF 2020 Veg Glog

    Brrrr.... Looks like it's time to relax, reflect, and plan for next season?  Anything new and/or exciting for 2021?
  10. dlsolo

    Space pepper Hanjiao

    I grew 5 and 8 about 3 years ago and they were okay.  Good heat, wasn't a fan of the flavor but I'm picky so that may be irrelevant.  #5 for me was about the size of a jalapeno (slightly larger on most).  Looking at my pepper journal, I didn't have much to say about #8 other than they were hot...
  11. dlsolo

    Tried a Manzano Rocoto for the first time

    I grow at least two plants every year. This year I'm growing one inside my grow tent for ease of access and to collect seeds to refill my stock. Love these peppers. Juicy and hot. No complaints. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  12. dlsolo

    Aji Chombo pod test

    Thanks for the review.  For an Aji-type pepper, hotter than a hab looks interesting to me.  I make powdered spices (home use) and this looks to be a great alternative.
  13. dlsolo


      First heard but you got my attention anything BBG7... 
  14. dlsolo

    misc Earliest hot peppers?

    I spent some time two or three seasons ago, trying to down select to varieties that would fruit sooner rather than later.  I needed up with similar results as years prior where I wasn't getting fruits until mid to late July.     So many variables play into speed to ripe fruits ready for the...
  15. dlsolo

    DF 2020 Veg Glog

    What a garden spread!     Saw the note about using hops for tea.... I'm definitely going to look into that!  Thanks.  Look forward to future updates.
  16. dlsolo

    Better Late than Pepper

    You've got a great grow going!  With that soil, what nutrient amendments are you going to use?  This year I'm trying Roots Organics Green Fields and it seems to being doing well with my hungry beasts.   Great looking starts!
  17. dlsolo

    Friend or foe?

      ^^^^ This!  Dealt with that a couple of years ago.
  18. dlsolo

    My first hot pepper grow

    That's a great first start!  Definitely some healthy looking plants.
  19. dlsolo

    Pepper's turning purple

    That was my first thought... sun burn.
  20. dlsolo

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks all!  As usual, is always feels like a loving family of like-minded folk.     Glad to be here!