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  1. Matt50680

    The Infamous White Ghost (Bhut Jolokia White)

    I massacred it, literally and I was suprised it even lived. I took EVERYTHING off it just left about an inch of stem after the main split, no leaves at all. The main stem is about the size of a Big Crayola (for the real little kids). Now if it just keeps growing and the pod matures, we will see...
  2. Matt50680

    The Infamous White Ghost (Bhut Jolokia White)

    So I got these seeds from a member waaaaay last year and they are mothers to germinate, I only got 3 out of 12 to come up and out of those 3 only 1 survived, so I stuck it into the hydro bucket. It grew good and full but wouldnt set pods, dropped flowers constantly. I got so mad at it I trimmed...
  3. Matt50680

    Light cycles

    I have always stuck with a 16/8 cycle. I read somewhere that they need a rest period for proper photosynthesis, maybe it isnt true but. For seedlings I give them 24 hr light for the first 3 weeks after they sprout, then switch them to the 16/8 once I pot them up.
  4. Matt50680

    Matt50680 2013 Grow Log

    Well it is that time again isnt it? I have decided I am going to grow only a couple varieties this year. I started them in a 72 cell tray thursday night, so not much to show at this point, but here is the list: 18 Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon 18 Trinidad Scorpion Butch T 8 7-Pot White 6 Trinidad...
  5. Matt50680

    Megamoo's 2012/2013 Glog

    Very nice looking garden :-D
  6. Matt50680

    free Name the sauce - get a free bottle!

    How about "Truk's Sweet and Spicy BBQ" (Truk your name backwards Kurt)
  7. Matt50680

    seeds Are seeds from green jolokia pods usable?

    First and foremost, due to your avatar, I must make a declaration... Whut Up Ninja??? (yes, I am a juggalo too, been one since 97) Anyways, from my experience, no, the seeds wont grow. But as also stated, you might get lucky on a couple. All you can do it try...
  8. Matt50680


    I think you could be right, or it could have just been a flower ring?
  9. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    Many thanks to all the kid forum members who played Guinea Pig for me. I have packaged up 50 1/4 ounce bags (same size you got) and am going to sell them on Ebay now. If anyone here would like some more, I will be glad to sell some at a "forum member only price". I have dedicated the 50 bags to...
  10. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    PB&H with Butch T powder, interesting. But I do know sweet and hot go great together, ever tried spicy chocolate? I like to get a bag of chocolate covered peanuts and sprinkle some hot powder on it.
  11. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    Thank you very much to all for the praises. I guess my love and care for my pepper plants has paid off. Now time to decide how much to charge for the 1/4 ounce packages on Ebay, any suggestions? Also, did everyone's arrive in good shape? I was hoping the money I spent on the bubble mailers was...
  12. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    Everyone who has paid now has packages on the way, should be there around wedsnesday depending on where you are from the midwest.
  13. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    Ok, all spoken for. Thanks everyone, I just need your honest opinion of the powder, love it or hate it, no hurt feelings if you dont like it. I would like your opinion on flavor and how hot you think it really is.
  14. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    1 left...
  15. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    10 spoken for, anyone else interested?
  16. Matt50680

    Testers Needed

    I would like 12 Giuneau Pigs, Erm, I mean Taste Testers for my powder I will be selling online (not here) soon and need a wide range of opinions to see how people like the powder. I grew 12 Butch T Scorpion plants this year and ended up with so many pods I could never use them all, so I...
  17. Matt50680

    seeds Repotting seedlings question

    How big are they when you are repotting them? If they are 5-6 true leaves into growth I have been shaking off some of the dirt and spreading the rootball out over the soil in the new pot.
  18. Matt50680

    Bubblegum 7s

    I received seeds for this strain this past spring, 2 of the 6 seeds produced plants which are now in the ground and getting big. No pods yet, but it is full of flowers, hopefully I will get ripe pods before the season starts to end.
  19. Matt50680

    What is Causing This???

    No geeme, it is on the pepper plant. Several of my plants are doing it and I cant figure out why, it is just one area of some plants. I dont want to cut it off, rather cure it if I can.
  20. Matt50680

    What is Causing This???

    Anyone know what is making some of my pepper plants do this and how do I correct it???