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  1. semillas

    Fatalii Production

        Fatalii always make problems to germinate, but I got a solution!   Soak the seeds 2 days at RT preferable in a 1% solution of saltpeter (KNO3) in destilled water (battery water) and then let germ between wet kitchen paper in a box at around 29°C ( 84F) Saltpeter normally is available in a...
  2. semillas

    annuum White Jalapeño

    Why a white Jalapeño ?   Just checked the orange Jalapeño ( ) that´s sold since some time. It´s anything else, but not a Jalapeño.   You may use Jalaro in it´s unripe form, that´s pale white-yellow  
  3. semillas

    chinense Albino Apocalypse Scorpion?

    @ J.H., what is the white powder at the surface of the substrate, is it mold or salt?   The picture of bleaching leaves normally indicates too hard water with too high pH, leading to chlorosis.
  4. semillas

    chinense Albino Apocalypse Scorpion?

    In this case the plant may have developed a genetical defect and doesn´t produce chlorophyll any more or only in unsufficient quantities. If I´m right, there is no help with standard fertilizers, new soil or extra watering.   High degree albinos can only survife if they are transplanted to a...
  5. semillas

    chinense Peruvian white habanero... regional origin within Peru?

    A stock of more than 300 peruvian varieties is hold and cultivated at the University of LIma, Peru. They have a Facebook page where they publish about their work: Ajíes del Perú - Proyecto Capsicum, Huerto UNALM - Facebook   Under pictures you´ll find a page with their February plant donation...
  6. semillas

    chinense Peruvian white habanero... regional origin within Peru?

      Limo doesn´t come from lemon, it says that the pepper grows in the province of Lima, Peru.  Aji = pepper --- Limo = from Lima Same like some Europeans are confused with Lemon Drop, thinking this must have a lemon taste, because they don´t know that lemon means only yellow.   Regarding the...
  7. semillas

    USDA Small Lots of Seed Permit

    99% of our shipments to US run without permit and nearly all have received. We know about only one shipment in 2018 that has been confiscated.   But we declare the content as "small lots of seeds, Capsicum ssp, origin: Spain and we declare a value.   If there are larger orders, we always inform...
  8. semillas

    Pepper X

    What gives F3 X F2 X F6 ?
  9. semillas

    frutescens Aji Charapita: Chinense or Frutescens?

    Don´t Google, ask the experts!   It´s Capsicum chinense  
  10. semillas

    chinense Yellow Scotch Bonnets

        I got the seeds a number of years ago from Allen and was told that´s the true form, the seeds package was labeled Jamaican Scotch Bonnet TFM. At that time I didn´t know that there was a Trenton Farmers Market Scotch Bonnet, that was also abbreviated with a TFM   Allen told me last week, that...
  11. semillas

    CGN 21500 - Why do some peppers have no name?

    CGN 21500 is well known as CGN 21500, so no other name needed.   Cheiro Roxa and Fidalgo or sometimes called Fidalga Roxa have been introduced much later and I couldn´t find anything about the history of the two varieties.   When I got a number of Brazilian accessions from the  Centre for...
  12. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2017

    2017 season was started in October 2016  and around 300 varieties are now growing in the green houses.   Here is the list :   First pictures will follow soon.   Peter
  13. semillas

    Semillas La Palma 2017

    First seeds for the 2017 season have been sown end of September already.   It will end up with more than 220 varieties = aprox. 1600 plants and I hope I will have enough water in the next hot summer.   Around 600 seedlings have been transplanted so far and grow in 1 Liter pots. All others will...
  14. semillas question

    Since more than one year I declare all shipments as "small lots of seeds, Capsicum species, origin: Spain"  and so far didn´t get any info on shipments that have been confiscated.   The better way is to apply for a import permit that will give you zero risk. Import permits are valid for several...
  15. semillas

    Raja Mirch

    Like all landraces (see i.e. the broad range of varieties from Trinidad/Tobago) King Naga and Raja Mirch are similar, but not identical.
  16. semillas

    Is Anyone with an Import Permit in the U.S. Purchasing from Semillas Soon?

    @Chris,   since about a year I sent 90% of the shipments to USA without permit.   I declared the content as small lots of seeds, Capsicum species, origin: Spain and didn´t hear of any shipment that had been confiscated.   So let me know what you want via PM and I can send.   Peter
  17. semillas

    Community Lindberg Seed Grow

    Thanks for your infos,    so the variety has some rest of potential for heat and maybe still the original Ají Margariteño.   We had a long hot season here, so this can be the reason for some more heat than usual.   I will definitively regrow this very interesting C. chinense, one of the best Ají...
  18. semillas

    Community Lindberg Seed Grow

    Only one seed of my Aji margariteño sprouted and I got a small plant with a number of good developed pods. My problem is that the pods are hot, not very hot, but good heat around the placenta. Original Aji Margariteño shouldn´t show any heat. Anyone else with hot pods? Peter
  19. semillas

    Rocoto Otavalo

    Very interesting Rocoto. Any chance to get some seeds from you? I tried to send a PM, but was blocked
  20. semillas

    chinense Judy's Chocolate Bhutlah

    @standbyandfire, where is your cross? Can´t find any serious source selling it. I bought seeds end of 2014 from someone claiming to have your original cross and it turned out to be a standard Chocolaté Bhut Jolokia. Peter