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    Siv's Roasted Bonnet

    try cutting up peppers and garlic ,maybe add some onions ,Put in blender or food processor with a cup of rice wine vinegar plus 2 Tbspn. sugar 2 Tbspn. salt blend till smooth place in pan on stove on Med. Or Med . high cook till it reduces by 1/3 then bottle or can while still hot . Enjoy Jerry T.
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    Need Preservation Tip - Chile Verde

    Definately ROAST all pepper first , a good place to do that is on your outside BBQ ,cook on high till charred on outside turn to do all sides then when done put in a paper grocery bag about 10 or 15 mins with bag closed tightly ,then rinse or peel off charred skin  cut a slit up side remove...
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    need info on sauce storage

    Spend a few bucks at Wally world and buy a case of canning jars the size you want and buy a hot bath canning pot and canning book ; they should be in the same area  . It will cost you around 40 bucks and you can hot bath can your sauce ( just follow the instructions in book ) I have hot sauce...
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    Get some Andros ant bait and sprinkle it where you see the ants path of travel ,they pick it up and carry it back to their nest and they ALL feast on it and it kills the entire colony , kinda like Jim baker and the koolaid everybody drank ( All dead)
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    Battling Hornworms

    For any type of worm ;go to a feed store and get a bag of dycidinous earth ( not sure I spelled it right) and sprinkle it around the base of your plants . It's like a crushed coral and the worms won't cross it becuz it cuts them and they die .I use it in my horse corral and it keeps the flies...
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    Urine burn

    That is part of being a CHILIHEAD (No Wussies Allowed) You need to stick with Jalapenos ( Tam Mild) If you mess with the Bull your gonna get the HORN !!!!!!!!!!! JT
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    What should I do with the birds in my "plant kennel"?

    Go to WallyWorld ( I mean Walmart) and buy netting like 4 fruit trees ( Cheap) easy to work with . You can put it close to your plant or spread it over your entire kennel and also get a good single cock pellet rifle ;once you start shooting at them they get the message and tend to stay awayor...
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    capsaicin Tip: Getting capsaicin oil off your hands!

    Save the Gin or Vodka, soak some cut up peppers in it ad then make a Bloody Mary out of it (Waste not Want not)
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    misc Prickley pear Mead and Wine

    I've been making the mead with great success ,but , last year I tried to make Prickley Pear Wine . My only mistake was that I didn't pasturize the juice B4 I started it and after all my work the juice in the carboy smelled like the inside of a septic tank ( O Well) won't do that again Here in...
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    Fresh Hydroponic Ghost Pepper Pods

    what we be smokin !!!!!!! how much 4 an Oz. and do you want shipping ??????????
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    for-sale Ajijoes super seed sale has ended permanantly

    Joe , I sent you an E-mail with an offer can do either way THX, Jerry T
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    for-sale Box of Fresh Ghost Peppers with 2 Douglahs for SALE!

    $30.00 Bit steep I'll stick to last years dehydrate
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    "CLOSED" 1/2lb Fresh Datil Peppers (50+ pods) $19.95 "CLOSED"

    You can count me in for an order . Just fill me in on details Jerry T.
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    auction Fresh Peppers - Starting Bid $1 + Shipping **Closed**

    I'll go 13.69 My peppers are just getting blossums ( hungry)
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    event Anything in AZ? Anything? Hello? "Spicy Southwest"...Beuller....

    Black Seed ; I've competed in a couple of small time chili cookoffs and a guacamole contest . I think we need something Here . I live in A.J. and my Bhuts are covered with blossums ( good times soon). Jerry T.
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    My 2012 grow log

    Hey , Girl to help your peppers along , Get a spray bottle and some epsom salts . Mix 1 tsp heaping to a qt. of water and mist your plants everyother day. Here in the Az. desert I mist them every day and you will see that they really like the extra attention and your folage will green up a lot ...
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    smoking scallops magnifico

    Take some good sized scallops and slit the side just enough to make a cavity then use your choice of pepper cleaned ( no seeds or membrane ) and slip it into the scallop. I use Habs , then wrap with 1/2 piece of bacon use toothpick ( wet) to hold and grill till bacon is browned , then plate with...
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    HB22B Seeds

    Fools walk in where Angels fear to tread ; I can feel the PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! JT
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    wanted Looking for Jerky seasoned with Hot Peppers

    You got the man here . I make jerky under the lable OUTLAW JERKY . You can either buy jerky ( vacuum sealed ) or I can supply U with some Kick - Butt recipes .
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    My Black Pearl + ID - 07/8 - getting red!!!

    I sure would like to trade some seed with you . I have Cayenne large red thick ; Charleston hot and Yellow Hungarian Hot Wax . If you would like to trade please shoot me an E-Mail :