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    food Greatest Sammich On Earth!

    Nice sammich.
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    Dorset Naga and Habanero Growth Plan

    Thanks a lot for the info. I'm still having trouble figuring out exactly what kind of light they need. I read somewhere that leaves only require cold white fluorescent light, so I got a really powerful bulb, at 27 watts I think, which gives out light as a 120 watt regular bulb. I'm not sure...
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    Dorset Naga and Habanero Growth Plan

    A leaf off one of the dorset nagas has become yellow, what can I do to prevent it from dying ? Edit: Now the leaf's fallen off. I'm talking about one of the first two leaves it grows. The other one's a bit yellow at the end, but the other 2 look perfectly fine, and a 5th one started growing...
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    Dorset Naga and Habanero Growth Plan

    Alright, any chance they might die? I mean, I'll take them out with the ground underneath, it shouldn't affect them in any way right?
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    Dorset Naga and Habanero Growth Plan

    Yeah but they're still extremely small. I mean, I could fit tens of plants in a pot at their current state. Is it not ok if I take them out later ? I want to make sure they won't die in the meantime. Also, do they have to be in the middle of the pot? Is it ok if they're a bit towards the edge...
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    Dorset Naga and Habanero Growth Plan

    I've got around 3 dorset Naga and 5 habanero growing in 2 pots. I only need 1 of each to get big and remain healthy. I thought about using fluorescent lights, like this: 2 hours of warm white light 8 hours of cold white light 2 hours of warm white light as to mimic sunrise and sunset, although I...
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    You say you're a n00b? I think you could teach me and a few other people here a lot of things, so you're not the real noob here. Welcome from Romania.
  8. DremoraLord I've got this stuff, it's... I've got this stuff, it's called "Ardei iute" in romanian, which means hot pepper. I also got a couple varieties of sweet pepper, like this: and like this...
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    Well, as I said, I've only got Romanian chilli seeds. As many as you want.

    Well, as I said, I've only got Romanian chilli seeds. As many as you want.
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    Romanian Chilli Seeds

    I can get a lots of hot romanian pepper seeds, and I want to trade them with anyone that's interested, as someone suggested, for anything hotter than African Bird's Eye. I just can't find anything hotter then that where I live. Even the sauces suck...
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    not sure how many metal fans we have here..

    Here's another metal fan and proud headbanger. I'm into traditional heavy metal, although almost any metal will do, as long as it is real metal. My favourite bands are: King Diamond Primordial Behemoth Virgin Steele Wuthering Heights Savatage Morgana Lefay Kataklysm, only with their first...
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    African Bird's Eye Sauce

    Here, I made a few pictures. Sorry about the quality, I used my crappy phone. I believe you're right about the dill, it's unnecessary. Also, the garlic powder shouldn't be there either, it gets tricky to balance the taste out if I use it too. I made a sauce yesterday and it didn't work out as...
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    African Bird's Eye Sauce

    Check out my repice for hot sauce. - Tomato paste and water ( Don't know the exact quantity, just until I have the right consistency. It's still pretty watery in the end. ) I get about 400-500 ml of sauce. But I'm not sure, I haven't weighed it. - Salt - 1/3 tablespoons - Sugar - 1/2...
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    When a cook says this , they lose all credibility with me!

    Either the capsaicin spreads all over the seeds, or they really are hot. I've eaten some seeds that made my tongue catch on fire locally.
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    What spicy food did you eat today?

    I bought myself a 350g bottle of the hottest ketchup we've got around here, and it is pretty hot, then me and a friend bought a little bag of African Bird's Eye dried whole chillies, and these are hot, le'mme tell ya', hotter than I would've expected. There were easily 150 little peppers inside...
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    Eggplant burgers.

    Well I can understand your folks, maybe they grew up eating eggplants, but your nephew CAN'T LIKE an eggplant burger.. come on. Don't get me wrong, I love eggplant salad... but not with burgers!
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    Hot french fries

    I'd use super hot powder, but there's NONE to be found here... I found some cayenne powder today ... and besides the fact that they translated some things wrong, it said on the back that cayenne is the hottest pepper in the world, so you can figure how much they know about that.... Anyway, it's...
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    preservation Smoking Peppers?

    Well, I knew from the start it was improbable, but I had no idea what effect burning it might have on the chilies, especially with using a proper filter, and I thought it could be vaporized. Did seem a bit silly and improbable, but I still thought there could be some truth to it, since there...
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    KFC chicken?

    That looks like a nice recipe, but it's really tricky. Can't I just use nesquik with chili powder? :D Edit: Well, nevermind that, I just tried it, wish I had a better quality chili powder, but it's still great, even though I put a bit too really burns your throat though, unlike eating...
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    preservation Smoking Peppers?

    Your advice was great, I'll follow it, as I would have done anyway, but I was talking about texas's reply: