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  1. Celeste

    what's the etiquette ? job interviews these days they may ask some interesting questions. "What would other people say is your strength? what is your weakness?(my son's - too honest) - Have answers! also, some critical thinking or crisis management skills questions- scenarios on how you would handle a...
  2. Celeste

    The Chronicles of JayT

    OH, My!" (said in my best Georgian voice, fanning myself with a large, antebellum fan) I ce'tainly dont know the gentleman that well, but now I would REALLY like to get to know him bettah! (did I mention I use bacon grease instead of butter on my toast?, and consider habaneros nice mild peppers?)
  3. Celeste

    food What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

    Celeste Spinach Stew This recipe is ever so loosely based on a vegan spinach stew recipe I used to prepare when I worked in a vegetarian health food restaurant. Mine is a bit richer, and hotter! (and no longer vegan, but you can figure out how to make it vegetarian if you want it that way). 1...
  4. Celeste

    perfect valentine present

    for the Hot Pepper geek!
  5. Celeste

    Are You Ready For Some...

    really mixed around Saint Louis. Huighway 70 shut down from Wentzville (the edge of civilization) to KC. I think I have no more than two inches, if that, mixed frozen rain, sleet, and snow. I'm going out now to see if I can get the car out of the ice.
  6. Celeste

    Are You Ready For Some...

    The streets are white with sleet. The blizzard is coming, with whiteout conditions. Our biggest concern is power lines going down. I'm looking at a maple tree, heavy with ice, leaning towards my front window. In other news, Queensland is about to float away completely. We are certainly...
  7. Celeste

    Are You Ready For Some...

    Ha, we are preparing for a State of Emergency in St. Louis. The wintry mix has started, apparently we've got three fronts combining to start hitting us, oh, now, and lasting through till Wednesday night. Its the Icepocolypse! Icemagedon! :rofl: we've lived through worse. some people will...
  8. Celeste

    the person below me

    Well, thank you, I will accept your invitation to dinner. what state are you in? The person below me is off work today.
  9. Celeste

    e-book readers are awesome!

    I like the e-book concept for the space. and the trees that are not being cut down. I buy current authors books to support the men and women writing them, who are actually trying to make a living entertaining me in this old fashioned way (I know authors). I like e-books for the potential to...
  10. Celeste

    I look like someone famous

    Interesting, BC. sounds like you experience an "insiders view" of what it is like to be famous. It sounds like you think of it as a burden that you have learned to bear. Your question suggests that you are asking folk to see a celebrity as just another guy, like you (which they are). Having...
  11. Celeste

    some plants that really took off

    Why? why top a pepper plant?
  12. Celeste

    Something is at my plants...

    There are spotted beetles that resemble ladybugs but they are a different species. We always called them potato bugs, because thats what they ravished in the south- makes sense they would be fond of all the nightshades, I suppose?
  13. Celeste

    Patrick's 2011 Grow Log

    well, you are getting off to an early start! I'm going to wait another month to start mine, as last year mine really wanted to be in bigger pots and outside earlier than outside was ready for them. Looking forward to your progress!
  14. Celeste

    Planting by the moon

    hmmm, I need the best planting times for sarting peppers indoors in February in Missouri. I'm not ready yet!
  15. Celeste


    okay, cant figure out how to use the quote function- Here's the line I misunderstood: "SHE SAID SHE WAS INTERESTED IN ME?? WELL THAT SET ME AT ODDS A BIT!!! im a happily married man i hope that it doesn't have anything to do with what i think it may "PORN" " Patrick love, (and all the others...
  16. Celeste

    Help Me Find A New City To Live In

    oh, another downside to st. Louis. Tornadoes. we have tornadoes. We had some today. although, tornadoes in December is a tad unusual. Hail in February? yeah, thats happened.
  17. Celeste

    Help Me Find A New City To Live In

    My two cents on St. Louis: Welcome to the biggest small town in the Midwest! St. Louis is a patchwork of neighborhoods, some of them ethnic and some of them blended, some of them hostile and some of them benign. In the city proper what you think of St. Louis may literally depend on which...
  18. Celeste


    Really? this is the first time you ever got unsolicitited strange email? and you visit porn sites? huh. I get unsolicited strange email every time I google something. Usually from someone in Nigeria, who says I've got money somewhere. Sometimes, I've won a sweepstakes, and many times I've...
  19. Celeste

    Fried Hamburger?

    That sounds yummy.
  20. Celeste

    Celeste grow log 2010

    well, a couple weeks ago I glanced at my plants and noticed some of the leaves seemed to be sweating...huh? and then I noticed a fuzziness, on a few, took a closer look and saw they were tiny insects. so, I picked my last harvest and dragged the plants out into the cold. I have shared some...