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  1. Topsmoke

    seeds Beginner Question: Seedlings In the Sun

    Ideally one would want to expose a plant to sunlight as soon as possible.  That being said, there is a reason there a 500 seeds in every pepper.  Environmental risks would be the concern, drying out, being eaten, knocked around whatever.  As long as it is in a pot were you can keep it safe and...
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    Indoor tomato plants being weird

    It's probably mites of some type.  Ill bet if you use a magnifier you'll see the little bastards or at least webbing.  mites tend to hide under the leaves
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    "What Me Worry?"

    "What Me Worry?"
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    Ideally plant it in the biggest container you intend to grow it in.  Transplanting is stressful and best avoided if possible, the plant won't out grow your light just because it's in a bigger container.  Also narrow containers fool plants into thinking they're surrounded by other plants which...
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    fertilizer When to fertilize potting soil?

      everything i have given the grow has loved it.  As far as the bloom, My experience is that my plants flowered like crazy once I started giving them bloom along with grow.  The plants had already been flowering for a few weeks before I started so I was able to see a before and after. Biggest...
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    fertilizer When to fertilize potting soil?

      with this many plants why aren't they in the ground?  
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    fertilizer When to fertilize potting soil?

      They're really all almost the same but I like garden-tone for my starts and that or tomato-tone later on.  The biggest benefit I see to using espoma is that they're inoculated with beneficial bacteria.  Just to reiterate i use a small amount for my starts then feed when planting out and...
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    fertilizer When to fertilize potting soil?

      nutrient burn is because of lock up, the plant can't do its thing because of "a clog in the system", to use a metaphor.  Plants can not use more anything than its metabolism allows.
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    fertilizer When to fertilize potting soil?

    there are a lot of variables that need to be considered to answer that question accurately.  Most of them are dependent on whats in your "soil".  I grow organically so I add a small amount of granulated fertilizer (I'm an Espoma fanboy) into my soil mix and that's enough to get them through the...
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    Glowing Tomato Hornworms

    So I just bought an awesome LED UV flashlight from a co. called JClaw.  Naturally i took it outside to play with and discovered that Hornworms glow under a blacklight.trying hiding from me now you ugly pricks!  I also discovered that they like eating nicotiana. 
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    is it just me or are Brazillian Starfish the slowest ripening pods in creation?

    is it just me or are Brazillian Starfish the slowest ripening pods in creation?
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    labels Labels and nutritional values

    Just another example of deferring to someone else's definition of reality.  You look at a label and just accept it as truth even though you have no idea whats really in the bottle, you decide to trust a piece of paper.  In the end the truth is revealed by the lie, It can say anything on the...
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    Last Mystery of the Season! Farmers Market, Labeled Scotch Bonnet

    theyre probably F1 hybrids.  Scotch bonnet/ who knows.   I was gifted a "church sale" scotch bonnet this year that turned out to be a Brazilian starfish
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    Habanero /groundcherry jelly

    Habanero /groundcherry jelly
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    A Couple of Yellow Leaves on Plants Sulfur or Nitrogen?

    poor drainage or over-watering.
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    My first season of gardening

    Looks like your committed! lol large install for your first year, good luck and MULCH THOSE BEDS!
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    harvesting Advice on maturing harvest

    plant earlier next year.  Last year i had hundreds of pods still on my plants when it got cold so I cut them at the base and hung them to ripen, it worked but there was also a ton of moisture loss thus making the peppers hotter and more bitter.  Wont be doing it again. 
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    labels Nutrition Analysis for bottle labels

    weird how many hotsauces come out of jersey.  First check with your county or state, you may not need nutritional analysis.  If you do need it Im sure they can tell you  where to get it done.  There's no getting around spending money to start your biz.
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    Datils - Do they point up, or down??

    was super psyched to try Datils as I heard all the tales of their amazing flavor.  Was really disappointed, tasted like an orange hab crossed with an aji lemon to me. 
  20. Topsmoke

    My 72 year old father, his 86 year old sister and her 81 year old husband sitting around the...

    My 72 year old father, his 86 year old sister and her 81 year old husband sitting around the table trying to use their cell phones to call my 61 year old aunt, hilarious and yet terrifying. " I am you will be".