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  1. scoville

    Major Issues in Garden - Any Thoughts - See Pictures

    Just cold temps ,I set mine out a bit early,stunted them pretty badly.Looked exactly the same.
  2. scoville

    7 Pot Chaguanas

    I had red last year <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Red Chaguanas 7 photo GEDC0177.jpg"/></a> and yellow <a...
  3. scoville

    New guy from Florida!

    Welcome from the 1st West Coast!
  4. scoville

    Market Manzanos

    Those are beauty's!I can never get those through the heat of summer perhaps I should start some now!
  5. scoville

    7 pot the evergrowing species

    I aquired some seeds from some nice folks on this forum for Chaguanas Red 7 Pot.I grew them out and low and behold 1 plant grew much larger,with distinctly different larger pods.they ripened to a definate yellow color.I just assumed thry were a cross of some sort,but labled them as Chaguanas...
  6. scoville

    Still the rain kept pourin'... Fallin' on my ears... I'm ok,just thought all should get this story of a mother
  7. scoville

    Look what I got 4 my B-day!

    Tyler,you know it! Mega,Thanks,but no thanks on the eating,well,I'll probably try a 'lil slice of the center... could't be much hotter than the slice of placental Chaguanas I had over the weekend! Bill,thank you and how are your plants doing ? DeVille,thanks,ya know it kinda looks like a black...
  8. scoville

    Look what I got 4 my B-day!

    Pretty cool eh?I've been workin' this one a couple years...
  9. scoville

    wanted looking for

    I have Xai Xai Mozambique.Not sure if a Chinense.Plant is still going from last year.Just starting to put on a couple of flowers,probably have some seed stashed in the vault...
  10. scoville

    free Tampa Bay seedlings free

    All have been saved!Thanks for picking them up and best of luck to you all in the year!
  11. scoville

    free Tampa Bay seedlings free

    Sheesh!You can drive to Tampa,pay $15,or cross the Skyway(nice view!) pay $3...+toll.I do beleive mine have the better pedigree...documented.Just get them out of my yard!!!I need space or I will toss them to the Bananas!!Yes,that is a valid threat!Lol!
  12. scoville

    free Tampa Bay seedlings free

    Enjoy the heat Bill!
  13. scoville

    free Tampa Bay seedlings free

    I usually just have several xtras in the spring.Just gave away about 20,including SMB,Chaguanas,Jonahs and Scorpions,still a few left...
  14. scoville

    free Tampa Bay seedlings free

    I have extra seedling available,7 Pods,Paprika,Piri Piri,Tiger Teeth,Dominica,Thai Bird,lots of Caribbean ,Way to many to list.I'm in Palm Harbor,available this afternoon.No Vendors.
  15. scoville

    Fish Pepper

    This Is the origional pepper in the secret Old Bay Seasoning recipe.They definatly take it up a notch...A bit tricky to grow but worth it if you search around a bit for the knock-off recipe.Good on all things calling for Old Bay especially grilled corn in my opinion...
  16. scoville

    7 Pot Chaguanas Strain 2 - SASBE Offer - Closed

    Love to give those a shot Chris!
  17. scoville

    Stinging nettles

    I recomend using gloves for this maneuver!
  18. scoville

    Someone please explain all the 7 Pots to me...

    The CARDI pepper research and developement is in Trinidad and they develope new peppers and strains to grow well in the Caribbean.
  19. scoville

    Stinging nettles

    Could you pleasae list your GPS coordinates?We have a Missle ready....
  20. scoville

    Anyone from or familiar with southern spain or familiar?

    Rich,I have some Piri Piri I got from Spain last year which work nicely for Piri Piri sauce on grilled chicken.Lots of recipes on the web and I certainly give it high marks!If she cant find them I'll be glad to share some seeds.If she comes across some Paprika seed I'll gladly do a trade!