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  1. Skydiver

    How do you extinguish the Mouth-Fire?

    Works for me, too. Plus, who doesn't love honey?
  2. Skydiver

    Maximum Growth With Foliar Feeding

    Sticky this, imo. Great information.
  3. Skydiver

    Space needed for Manzanos?

    Pretty much this. The ones I grew last year were almost twice as wide as they were tall. I ended up having to put a bunch of stakes in the ground to tie the branches off. Very bushy plants. Love the purple flowers, though.
  4. Skydiver


    I have a Jiffy heated greenhouse, too. I use small plastic drinking cups and fill them with either coco coir or pro mix starting media. Pretty near 100% germination with everything I put in there. If you're using those peat pucks that come with it, just my opinion, but throw them away and...
  5. Skydiver

    Want to grow some pubes

    :rofl: My advice, and this is coming from someone's who has grown yellow manzanos all of one season: Start them earlier than other peppers, seemed to take forever and a day to germinate and then get big and finally flower and fruit. Shade is good for these guys.
  6. Skydiver

    Cappy's Capsicum 2011

    Wow, looking good, my friend. I'm late to the party but yeah, good to see you around again.
  7. Skydiver

    pests does anyone knows what bug is this?

    Cute lil' mantid you got there. We should all be so lucky.
  8. Skydiver

    Follow THP on Twitter...

    Followed. I'm LJ_Ashcroft there.
  9. Skydiver

    How old are you?

    40. This morning feel about 60 though. :( Tore up my knee and the doc who operated said I'd get arthritis there much sooner than usual, and this weather has me feeling it today.
  10. Skydiver

    AJs April 2011 Backyard Pepper Porn

    Unreal. You are a master of your craft, AJ. CCN better watch out if you get any bigger :rofl:
  11. Skydiver

    media Jiffy Professional Heated Greenhouse question

    I'm not a fan of the peat plugs that are recommended, and I'm looking to try something new. Until now, I've been using small bathroom drinking cups filled with coco coir and setting them in there to start my seeds. What I'm thinking is to fill the entire thing with a potting and seeding mix...
  12. Skydiver

    My hats off to Pepper Lover

    Beautiful plants, and yeah, Judy is made of equal parts win and awesomeness.
  13. Skydiver

    Ever had a Coffee enama???

    I'm sure that it's as effective as those toxin removing foot pads and the colon stuff that made you supposedly poop out a mucoid plaque. Effective at separating suckers from their money, that is. Pure hogwash.
  14. Skydiver

    Antallaise Caribbean

    Nice pod. I had one of those growing last year and loved the flavor. Hopefully it swamps you with pods. :)
  15. Skydiver

    Little Twerp Gets OWNED!

    Good on the bigger kid for having restraint up to that point. Sometimes punks need to get beaten to correct their attitude, this is normal. This is what boys do. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be the grandson of Epic Beard Man. That would rock.
  16. Skydiver

    I'm back!

    Not the best way to get you back, mate. Hope you get well soon.
  17. Skydiver

    Companion Planting: Why Are Beans Bad?

    I emailed NMSU, they have no idea why it would be true.
  18. Skydiver

    Companion Planting: Why Are Beans Bad?

    The only thing I found on a quick google search was that the beans put a lot of nitrogen in the soil, and maybe that burns the roots or something. No evidence or citations, just hearsay. Perhaps I'll send a few emails out to get a more scientific rationale.
  19. Skydiver

    Quick update

    Good to hear, Jackie.
  20. Skydiver

    Silver_Surfer's season starts

    :eek: wow, amazingly healthy and beautiful. off to this good of a start, here's hoping they keep getting better and flood you with pods.