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  1. chiliman

    event KATO"S Kontest

    Update; I got an email from Mick on the 17th reporting that Rita had "Successful Surgery". Our thoughts are with them both.
  2. chiliman

    event Wednesday, 9/23, Travel Channel, Extreme Conventions

    Congrats Creator! That was some good footage for you and your product! After that you may not have to wait long to do this silliness full time!I'm proud to kind of know ya!
  3. chiliman

    event DEFCON Calendar of events (so far)

    Well good luck with it and when you do, you have a standing invite to party with the gang in NC!!
  4. chiliman

    event DEFCON Calendar of events (so far)

    Daggonnit Def! We need to get you down south! Maybe at next years NC State Cook off?
  5. chiliman

    event Kato's 5th Annual results are in!

    He sent the info several months ago for the contest. It was a bit more expensive this time around so some of us couldn't afford the entry fee. I also sent a message and didn't hear back. Im guessing that with his delicious sauces, they are busy in Fla. I need to order more Rajun Cajun as...
  6. chiliman

    smokers Big Green Egg

    The large ranges in at around $800. It's a ton for sure. But I re-iterate ,I have, in all 42 years, never cooked on anything like it. Also real nice to have a friend that owns aone! You know the old saying "It's better to have a friend with a (pool, boat, trampoline) than to own one yourself!".
  7. chiliman

    smokers Big Green Egg

    The BGE is the deal. My buddy has one and we have used it to cook everything from pulled pork to shrimp to burgers, etc. We have also used it in the Charlotte BBQ cookoff. I too am at the point where I want one so bad but it's tough to justify the cost. They are well worth every penny...
  8. chiliman

    Race City Sauce Works On The Air!

    Good for you Race! I know my customers enjoyed your sauce's. Maybe you could come back in the spring and do it again. I'll be in touch. Until then, have a great holiday! Vic
  9. chiliman

    Greetings from Charlotte

    Welcome Race City from Charlotte as well. Feel free to drop by the Chili Man hot dog cart one day and have a taste testing for my customers. I have a bunch of Sauce Heads! E-mail if you're interested! Vic
  10. chiliman

    event Cajun Heat 2009 Scovie Awards

    Nice Job Cajun! Watch out Def you got some stiff competition here.
  11. chiliman

    event 2009 Scovie Awards are out!

    Congrats Def! You guys are doing something very, very right!
  12. chiliman

    event Kato's 2009 Hot Sauce & Fiery Food Contest

    I do concur that the acrylic trophy looks fine settin on the mantle. I am a bit disappointed though at this years fees. At $35 a poke, that really limits me (and I'm guessing most evryone else). Mick, can you arrange a stepped up over time cost like the THP does, or a bulk discount...
  13. chiliman

    food Smoked lamb Texas style chili at BBB

    Gonna cook up a new batch of chili on Friday for the "ANything But" catagory at the Blues, Brews and BBQ in Charlotte NC. First my partner in crime is gonna smoke two legs of lamb (not all the way to crumblin) then I'm gonna turn that lovely meat into my Texas style chili. Then we top it off...
  14. chiliman

    event Brews, Blues and BBQ in Charlotte NC

    Hey critters! In the greater Charlotte area on the weekend of Sept. 12 &13th? Well stop on by the "Backyard Grillers" area of Blues, Brews and BBQ and say "Hey" to the old Chili Man and his faithful cooking sidekick Fat Matt. We are gonna cook some shoulder and also enter the "anything but...
  15. chiliman

    event 1st Anual BigNugg BBQ Recipe Contest!

    Okay Nugg,lets start with the questions: Is there an entry fee? Are we sending recipes cooked on a gas grill, charcoal grill or smoker? I'm sure I'll have more soon, but count me in.
  16. chiliman

    food Ass Kickin Chili Fixins is total garbage

    Thanks for the alert on another crap prepacked product, Shane. I am just so damn tired of packaged stuff with the promise of goodness or usefullness or Worlds best, etc, etc. There needs to be compliance or die rule to advertising. Sorry "Mr. Ass Kick" your chili sucks, now you must die...
  17. chiliman

    Chili Man gets some free advertising!

    Hey Mick, been having some troubles with old computer, mostly that every time I try to get on the Charlotte observer website, it crashes my browser. Luckily I thought to try it out on Internet Explorer and I got some better results! Here's the new link (it is actually a follow up article...
  18. chiliman

    Chili Man gets some free advertising!

    I have 3 spots that I frequent during the week. Uptown for two, University area for two and the Charlotte School of Law on Tuesday. My mantra for the cart is "Get popular and get scarce". I found that folks are more likely to show up if you are not at their beck and call 5 days a week. So I...
  19. chiliman

    Chili Man gets some free advertising!

    So there I am working my prep magic for the day (magic my ass, it's a frickin grind!) when my wife calls to let me know I am in the paper again. And here's the best part, the title is "50 CULINARY finds"! Next thing you know, there'll be gourmet jelly beans, crazy...
  20. chiliman

    Food and drink expo Birmingham UK

    A lot of us know how hard the begining of this process is, whether making hot sauces for market or starting small restaurant, carts, etc, and we can all celebrate your upcoming success. Looks like you've got a great crew, a great product and if you've got it being made for you now, it's just a...