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  1. habaneroheat81

    PART 2 Guess the weight and the length contest CLOSED

    Lady's, gentlemen and chileheads here on THP it is my plesure to inform everyone that the Mrs. and I have given birth to our 3rd child at 9:55pm PST on July 13th to a beautiful baby girl. We named her Madison Emiliah.   Now last year I did a contest for our son Aiden in this same manner and...
  2. habaneroheat81

    contest Octoberfest?? TD

    Since I don't see anyone started this yet, I figured I would. Maybe just anxed to get another crown under my avatar, but looking forward to another TD. I know generally we do octoberfest for october, if we keep the same theme I liked the idea that was thrown out there with sausages. But what...
  3. habaneroheat81


    So Coheed drew my name out of a hat and put together a box of peppers and shiped them to me :dance: :dance: :dance: Peach Bhut Yellow 7/Yellow Brains (we don't need to remind everyone the fiasco that ensued earlier this year) Anyways, they got here on Friday and pretty much gone, enough...
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    Alright I know its something I see anybody use here, but my previius boss uses this. The tomatoes end up getting really bushy and producing a lot of tomatoes. Has anyone else used this or know of it?
  5. habaneroheat81

    81A&81B 1st TIME ULTRA XTREME GLOG (dont expect much)

    Alright so we're late in the season, but its just a trial run right now. If we actually get decent plants we'll overwinter a few and try again next year. Below we have: 4 fatalii 1 brain strain 1/1 3 datils. 3/3 3 uba tuba 3 peach hab 2/3 2 7 pot 1 pumpkin hab 1 white hab 1 cherry bomb 2 choc...
  6. habaneroheat81

    Is this stuff worth using??? Advice please......

    So two years ago we had a Bhut we were going to use these but never got around to it. But that plant ended up dying. Looking through these grow posts, however, I have never seen someone using these. Are they not what I want? Thanks
  7. habaneroheat81

    Awesome Pics

    Recently I have gotten with ChiliAddict and he expressed how much he thought a forum for great chili pictures would be. We both understand we have Cloud topic, but we wanted to try and post a topic that ultimatley could turn into a Seasonal "folder". Where everyone can see some awesome photos...
  8. habaneroheat81

    Heirloooms peppers= my new hot sauce

    Ok so I have been working on this sauce for a little while. As I am not into Franks or tobasco I wanted a little more of a sweeter flavor with out the fruit juice. So instead I fire roasted off a bell pepper, garlic, and tomato and wraped them up in plastic wrap to rest. I them softend some...
  9. habaneroheat81

    I did this for Nmorris

    Certified Angus Beef, red onions, mushrooms, 2 red fataliis, seasoning salt, provolone cheese. I would have used blue cheese but don't care for it myself. Also fresh cut french fries. MMMM I am on the clock so sorry, no beer :( Aaron
  10. habaneroheat81

    Red fataliis from Justaguy

    So I recieved my bag of Red Fataliis yesterday afternoon and they look great. I only had to toss one. Theres something about WA that makes it hard to get peppers with in the window given. I beleive I got mine a day after everyone else. I think the USPS up here are extremely lazy. :)...
  11. habaneroheat81

    wanted Looking for Fresh Butch T's

    As AJ is out of his peppers, I am looking for anyone else here that may have about 1 lb of Butch T's. I am working on a super hot sauce for my place of business. I put in about 1/4lb to it along with other peppers and also roasted off some garlic, red bell, and a sweet onion. I was skeptical...
  12. habaneroheat81

    Wayright's small box of explosions

    Alright, so I got my box of peppers from Kevin on Friday :dance: its odd because I ordered them on Wednesday. I had to wait to post them til today, but just because I had to wait to post today, doesn't mean I had to wait to try them :lol: going clock wise we got yellow 7, Moruga (can't...
  13. habaneroheat81

    Box From Buddha

    First thanks to Josh for setting up that picture tutorial he did a while back, without it I would be lost. These are the peppers that Buddha Bill sent me, I didn't have any bad ones at all and he even sent me a few more that we didn't discuss. :woohoo: So thanks for that Buddha. He also kept...
  14. habaneroheat81

    End of Season wish list

    Hey, I am looking for fresh pods. Would like some Fataliis, Butch Ts, Datils, and any and all Hab types (choc. habs, red savina, etc). I will be growing next year and want to find out which ones I would like to grow. I know I want to grow the first three mentioned, but I am also looking to...
  15. habaneroheat81

    gadgets Quick question about PH meter

    I just recieved my Ph meter and it says that my water is at 7.4. Could this be accurate or should I boil the water first? It says not to use bottled water or unironized water so I figured tap should be fine. But if average water is 7.01 I thought either boiling or calibrating it. Thanks, Aaron
  16. habaneroheat81

    My first fatali

    Before I begin I really want to say thank you to kcso53 (Mike) for awesome customer service. I ordered peppers from him on Tuesday at 10pm and immediately got the tracking number. He gave me a good deal on the peppers and didn't complain at all about all the back and forth emails due to me...
  17. habaneroheat81

    Hot Sauce question

    I have been making a hot sauce for about 4 years and the people that order it love it on their eggs, chicken wings, burgers etc. However, I have been told by a few people, that seem to have more knoweledge than I do on hot sauces, that it is missing something that would make the sauce great and...
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    Cappy's peppers

    I got my peppers from Cappy Saturday. THEY LOOK GREAT! :dance: Due to being completely out of comission Saturday and Sunday I haven't been able to try them. I am starting to feel feel better and will able to try them today. I havn't been able to figure out how to put a picture on here from my...
  19. habaneroheat81

    chinense Butch T Scorpion

    So I go to RS67MAN's house to get some knowledge on growing peppers. When I get there he tells me he received his butch t scorpions from Cappy. Now, I have general knowledge of peppers but have never had anything hotter than an orange hab. So he cuts a couple slivers from one pepper and we...
  20. habaneroheat81

    Ph testing strips, lame?

    I started making a 2 gallon batch of my hot sauce, I used to do a 1 gallon but someone gets a gallon to their own. Since upping the recipe I noticed the ph strips I use haven't been reading the same. I have been making this recipe for 4 years and have never had this problem. In the past the...