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  1. Sandgroper

    Sandgropers List

    Hi, I just want to let everyone know who helped me out that I have nearly finished my list so If you want to PM me with your email addresses I will slowly get around to sending you my list. I really want to repay all of the love shown to me first up and then I will sort out the other folks who...
  2. Sandgroper

    Sand Gropers PickLog and 1st Douglah

    Now we are getting serious one days pick.I am going to have to find a new place to do this. I am getting kicked out of the kitchen. Even 3 Guavas ready today, they make the whole house smell really nice and they taste good too. I like big bhuts and I cannot lie Serranos Never grown Maui...
  3. Sandgroper

    pics Todays pickings and some pod pics

    Todays pickings inside a primo inside a yellow7 in the primo again A nice looking Trindad Scorpion another yellow Jonah and another Guadalupe Hab
  4. Sandgroper

    Sandgropers Pick of the day

    Here is the days pick Any Idea what these are below they have lost their tag A couple of Red Savinas Heres Moby Dick the Yellow Jonah Aww aint they sweet Yellow Scorp Cardis Kick my bhut A "Primo" looking Pair
  5. Sandgroper

    Husband Store

    Husband Store A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City , where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates: You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products...
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    Antallaise Caribbean

  7. Sandgroper

    A Yellow Jonah

    It looksa like a Jonah , the seeds were from a Jonah and its brothers and sisters look like they will be red. They flowers and fruits and plants all look identical except this one has yellow fruit. Maybe I will have to stabilise it and call it Moby Dick.
  8. Sandgroper

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

    First real pickings Top Row Red Squash, yellow 7, Jalapeno, Middle row Corno di Toro, Datil X limon, Velarde,Hab yellow pointed Bottom Row Primo, Yellow Scorpion Cardi, Bahamian Goat Pepper, Trini Scorp FG Yellow, Last one says Bahamian Goat but I dont think so Also picked a white Devils...
  9. Sandgroper

    ICPPC Manifesto for 21st Century Food and Farming

    ICPPC Manifesto for 21st Century Food and Farming Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) - Manifesto for 21st Century Food and Farming The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC) held their Anniversary conference this past weekend. Here is the Manifesto circulated at the...
  10. Sandgroper

    Silica – The Hidden Cost of Chemicals

    Silica – The Hidden Cost of Chemicals A major mineral is missing in many soils and most soil tests do not even monitor its presence. This mineral can increase stress resistance, boost photosynthesis and chlorophyll content, improve drought resistance, salt tolerance and soil fertility and...
  11. Sandgroper

    Mango season in Gingin

    26 crates of mangoes about 60-70 mangoes in each. Many hours sitting hunched over a bucket with Icecream scoops and knives. I can process about 10 litres and hour. I will start making my sauces next week I hope, I just need to get some bottles and a few more ingredients. I might go back to the...
  12. Sandgroper

    Daily Dose of PepperPorn

    The Excitement builds, first colour on the Yellow 7's another Yellow 7 with a sentry on guard duty Those infamous Red Savinas Baby Brain strain and another shot Another baby Brain Strain
  13. Sandgroper

    A little bit of Porn

    7 Pod/pot Brown PRF Douglahs Baby Brain Strain and another These seeds were just labeled Trinidad Scorpion and this one TS
  14. Sandgroper

    Purple/Black Scorpion Cardi

    Early on in their life I posted pics of my then red stemmed Yellow Scorpion Cardi seedlings. I have kept track of them and now one is starting to set pods. The stems have turned dark purple. They are missing nothing food wise, get the same treatment as all the other plants but continue to be...
  15. Sandgroper

    Growing weather

    I was just wondering what other growers were experiencing weather wise, is it hotter, colder, wetter dryer than normal. Over here in the west we have had a hot summer but thats not that unusual we normally have it pretty hot, I know the media keep beating on about hottest on record but since...
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    Some Random Porn

    Maui Purple Scotch Bonnet Yellow Madam Jannette Congo Trinidad Jonah Douglah Chocolate bhut
  17. Sandgroper

    Gnarly Yellow 7

    Has anyone seen yellow 7s that look like these ones. These ones are on the plant next to it, they came from the same seed but they dont look as gnarly but they are younger Flower on one plant and on the other Flowers, leaves, growth habit all are identical but the pods...
  18. Sandgroper

    Peter Pepper Porn

    I went out today and lifted up some leaves and lo and behold
  19. Sandgroper

    soil The Seven Biggest Soil Blunders

    Following on from the good reception to The Top Seven Plant Blunders I have decided to post The Seven Biggest Soil Blunders Biological agriculture differs from conventional organics in that organics is often about a great list of what you are not allowed to do but there is very little...
  20. Sandgroper

    The Top 7 plant blunders

    I keep referring to this article by Graham Sait from NTS so I thought I would post the whole article. The Top Seven Plant Blunders In part one of this series I looked at some of the costly mistakes associated with the soil. In this second installment, the emphasis is upon the growing crop and...