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  1. Plantguy76

    Plantguy76 2022

    [ Over Winter 2021] 3 - serrano's Are supposed to be five for sure Trippaul Threat Peach F3 But there are 3 I know for sure are Trippaul peach two tall ones & a short one in the kitchen all three of those have this tree thing going on then there these two that are different. I know that...
  2. Plantguy76

    vendor does anyone know anything about them?

    I recently found there site & thought maybe they was here or knew people here I would like to know more about them before ordering anything form them.
  3. Plantguy76

    Plantguy76 2021

    I am still in the planing stage for this year grow. My list is not even properly formed . I got alot of old seed that I've been going threw & waiting for a order to come in. This year really the direction I've been heading these past seasons is geared towards pepper jelly or rather Jam as I...
  4. Plantguy76

    misc What defines a bad pepper

    I recently ordered some pepper seeds form my source site It sounded like it hit everything I been looking for I then find out after the fact by the owner while talking to them via mesg That in there opinion it really wasn't a good pepper & they will discontinue in a few months. This got me...
  5. Plantguy76

    Formally Plantguy76

    As the title says I used to be plantguy76 but I have a new phone & email address as I can't get into my old email & don't remember my password for my old profile. So I started a new one. Last year I grew Amazon a pepper similar to yellow devil tongue & fatalii along with Traveler Jalapeno & Cleo...
  6. Plantguy76

    Mexican Native's/Miscellaneous

    All the seedlings I started last season died they stunted out indoors an when moved outdoors it jumped right into a early summer. So I got some la bomba jalapeno's form a local garden shop & ordered  cleo dragon ,cherio roxa & russian purple tomatoes form cnn . I loved the cleo dragons & hated...
  7. Plantguy76

    CLEO'S DRAGON I was wondering if anybody has grown this or have any information on this variety?   
  8. Plantguy76

    chinense Papa Joe Trinidad Scorpion

    20180423_213324 by Jason McKaskle, on Flickr
  9. Plantguy76

    Plantguy76 2018

    Zapotec Jalapeno Safi SB-Red WHP SB-Yellow Chocolate SB Marabella SB Fatalii  X SB-Yellow Petenero Jimmy Nardello All but zapotec, petenero & Jimmy Nardello are form white hot peppers thanks Justin Zapotec & Petenero are form Jim duffy Jimmy Nardello is form baker creek I plan to do my...
  10. Plantguy76

    patented cultivars "club varieties"

    I got these tomatoes at Schnuck's for my zapotec jalapeno pepper jelly . I liked them so I looked them up an found that seeds are not made available to the public etc What I am wondering are there any peppers done this way  Kumato is a hybrid the ones I got...
  11. Plantguy76

    Cherokee Purple X Carbon Purple

    I have one of these that I got form a local store. Bonnie plants has them now but have seen them in catalogs for a few years now. My mom has one as well these plants have one of the stinkiest oder's. It's comparable to a variety of coleus that repel cats,dogs & rabbits. I know that cherokee...
  12. Plantguy76

    Zapotec Jalapeno Memorial Group

    I first found out about the Zapotec Jalapeno through Gary Montcalm aka windchicken . I thought it only fitting that Beth Boyd be remembered in a memorial grow. The story & history behind this Jalapeno is simply amazing! I ordered mine form Jim Duffy & they are on there way now. Description form...
  13. Plantguy76

    fertilizer Miracle Grow Liquid Fertilizer

    I have all my toddlers/seedlings in one tray both my dwarf tomatoes & one cherry with my peppers. I have been bottom watering & trying to harden off but need more growth so I've been thinking of using the liquid miracle grow when I bottom water Any thoughts or on this would be appreciated
  14. Plantguy76

    Hot Sauce Article Nice read but I think Melinda's Scotch Bonnet hot sauce should of been in there an maybe another scotch bonnet hot sauce to balance out the Habanero ones
  15. Plantguy76

    Plantguy76 2017

    |Scotch Bonnets| Moa Yellow WHP Strain Schneider Farm- Trident P Dreadie-Trident Saraga Orange Red -Trident Moa Red -Midwest Chilliheads Trinidad Red -Hottoddy Strain Peach SB -WHP (For the land of the giants competition) Moa Yellow -Midwest Chilliheads |Scotch Bonnets Hybrids| SB7J-Red- UFO...
  16. Plantguy76

    Gator Jigsaw

    I plan to grow at lest one of these next season & was wondering what the flavor profile is. I understand it to be good but was looking for more detail also was wondering how to tell when there ripe
  17. Plantguy76

    Bonnet Question

    I have seeds for Tinidad SB Red form hottoddy & I noticed that puckerbutt has a Trinidad SB in the Christopher Philips collection that looks totally different form hottoddy pods. Is there two different strains of trinidad scotch bonnets?
  18. Plantguy76

    chinense Scotch Brain

    I have seeds for them thanks to Justin but since taste is objective form person to person thought I would get others opinions form those who have grown them ? There so many I want to grow but I got to knock it down. 2017 will be bonnet theme an maybe a few bonnet types like Justin White...
  19. Plantguy76

    Are you cutting back the grow in 2017 or expanding?

    I am trying to cut back but grow more of the few I will eventually settale on. At the moment I have Trinidad Red Scotch Bonnet & Justin White Strain of Moa Yellow I may just keep it like that with two tomato varieties have not decided yet. I just really don't have the space an not a lot of...
  20. Plantguy76

    Sepia X SB7J

    I was checking out chiliriot  an came across this mean looking pod