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    off-topic ‘Fart In A Jar’ TikToker Pivots To Selling Her Fart Jars As NFTs

    That's right, reality ( '90 Day Fiancé') star Stephanie Matto has changed to selling NFT Farts In A Jar after her diet to produce them naturally resulted in enough physical stress that a trip to the hospital for chest pains, thought to be a heart attack, was needed. Yes, we're off to a great...
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    off-topic TESLAR Battery Warranty Expires - Then BOOM!

    $22K to repair a 10 year old TESLAR? I think NOT!
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    tv A&E TV Show about Neighbor Interaction

    Neighborhood Wars on A&E I stumbled over this show while channel surfing this week. Each episode has segments that run the gamut from a neighbor filming a cruiser driving off & the women saying "The police are leaving after responding to my neighbors complaint of a wild pool party." as she pans...
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    Back Door Left Open?

    Just got this in my Conversations folder:
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    Happy Birthday bob65!

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    Happy B-Day dragon49!

    How about an update?    
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    Happy B-Day Inoks!!!!

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    Happy B-Day BSH!!!

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    Happy B-Day OZZY2001!!!!

    `Well Ozzy, seems you're a popular member! All these previous birthday wishes! 2015 ---happy birthday Ozzy2001 2016---- Happy Birthday Ozzy2001 2017 ----HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZZY2001      
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    Happy Birthday Malarky

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    Happy B-Day Demented!!!!

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    pod xbowmike's Pepper ID

    My vote is......   Pimenta de Neyde
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    Happy Birthday Shorerider

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    Happy B-Day Guitarman !

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    Happy B-Day Uncle_Eccoli!!!!

    :bday: :bday: :bday::bday: :bday: :bday::bday: :bday: :bday: