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    Semillas ordered seeds available

    I got few seeds that i do not have any use, i would like to have 20euros for the total thing and this price includes international priority letter postage. Using paypal to pay me would be nice.
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    Vitalink coir max A+B

    Have anyone tried this coco coir fertilizer to grow chili plants, it seems to be getting good results in the manly green stuff growing.
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    Chilidude season 2019

    Hello again, i am yet again starting my season early to grow big and strong plants before summer arrives. Seeds are in the rockwool and some of them have started to sprout. Chilis are for this season: Naga morich Hot paper lantern Limon(c.chinense) Aji golden Aji norteno Aji cito Aji fantasy...
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    Chinese copy of air-pot

    Have 8 pieces of these 26 litre ones for the next season grow:   Lets see how massive the chilis will grow in these.. :woohoo:
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    Modern day computer/smartphone usage is literally destroying our eyesight.

    I will tell you my story and i have been using classes since i was around 12 years old and how my eyesight started dramatically get better after i stopped staring computer/smartphones for hours on end and started to actually use my eyes for distance vision. The story beginned last year after my...
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    media Gold label coco a+b fertilizer

    I noticed this Gold label coco a+b fertilizer a while ago, when i gathered various info about coco coir growing. Gold label is a known company already for their coco coir stuff, so i pretty much bet their coco coir fertilizer would be a good stuff to try out for chili growing.   Fertilizer info...
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    Bido tacana, Bulo-bulo and PI 215734 chili plants

    I was thinking of exploring that Peru/Bolivian region for some interesting chili plants for next year's growing.   If any of you that have grown Bido tacana, Bulo-bulo and PI 215734, what is your opinion about these ones?
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    media canadian xpress ultimate coco bloom one part coco fertilizer

    Upon discussion about different fertilizers for coco coir, another chili grower mentioned about this stuff called canadian xpress ultimate coco bloom and said it is a good one part fertilizer. NPK: 4.0-0.6-4.0 and it seems the product is made for the uk market.
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    media Chilli focus fertilizer in coco coir growing?

    Chilli focus(NPK: 3.0 – 1.0 – 4.4) is a very popular chili fertilizer in Europe and does have a lot of good reviews. The 5 litre container is rather cheap, actually it is around the same price as the Hesi coco stuff.   My question now is, have any of you used Chilli focus in coco coir growing...
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    media Hesi coco 1-component fertilizer for coco growing

    Hey folks, i just found this pretty interesting 1-component coco fertilizer for easy chili growing in coco coir: Info i copied from the website of the fertilizer maker:   HESI Fertiliser for COCO - HESI COCO HESI COCO is THE fertiliser for growth and bloom on coco substrates. Like any HESI...
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    organic DIY organic fertilizers for chili/tomato.

    You can make some organic fertilizers for your chili/tomato plants using various cheap materials.   Some useful tips:   Videos: Egg boiling water sounds something that is very useful in my fertilizer mixture and is very easy to add in...
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    media Using epsom salt+hydroponic fertilizer in coco coir indoor growing test

    This little Naga morich sample doest look too happy after my self watering test, but it was more than happy to help me with the next test i am about to do with it:   Mixed Ghe floramicro 10ml/floramato 15ml(EC 1.0 before salt)+1 teaspoon of epsom salt(EC 1.1 after salt) to 10 litres of water...
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    harvesting Stem burying technique for chilis to improve overall grow/harvest in the end of the season

    Maybe few of you remember me talking about the stem burying technique i have been doing to my chilis maybe 4 season now with a great results in the end.     You see this picture where my Aji golden stem is already buried several inches below the soil level and it already had some roots forming...
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    media All about coco coir growing in pots

    There seems to be a lot of confusion(me including) about how to treat 100% coco coir as a growing medium, so i want to discuss about it in this topic and i would like you all to talk/know about it.       Coco coir is not a soil and instead should be treated like you would with plants growing in...
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    Bajan style chili sauce

    -6 naga morich/3 petenero/3 caribbean antillais , chopped -1 cup of carrots, chopped -2 medium red onions, chopped -¼ cup of yellow mustard -¼ cup of herb infused white vinegar -1 cup of  water -2 tbsp mild tasting olive oil -2 tsp curry powder -1 tsp turmeric -2  tsp rose salt -1 tsp ground...
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    hot-sauce Babia ghost pepper sauce

    I have tasted Babia chili/habanero hot sauces and they are good stuff for the money. However i found this sauce from the local market:       Let me tell you, this sauce is fire in a bottle. This one have a really strong bhut jolokia smell to it, so it must contain pretty high amount of that...
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    hot-sauce Warrant man pepper company: Aggravated assault and Homicide hot sauces

    Look what i got all the way from America:   Reggie was kind enough to send me some of his sauces, so i am going to taste them and give my impressions about them.   Aggravated assaut hot sauce:   Taste: 8,5/10. I can taste the garlic,onion, bell pepper in there with some of the chilis and not...
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    media Best most easy to use two part fertilizers for coco coir growing in your opinion?

    I have tested these ones out with very good results:   Nutriforte tomato and strawberry/Nutriforte nitrogen and calcium dry fertilizer. (Really cheap stuff, but now discontinued): This Nutriforte stuff seems to be just great, when i look at this picture from 2014. Just look at that nice deep...
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    180w cob led spider growing light

    Very sturdy looking/feeling grow led light, very high quality stuff i would say by the looks of it. Those two domes looks to be made from glass like material and the suspension system is very strong looking too:   The fans in this one are pretty quiet too:   My smartphone camera cant handle...
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    Naga morich tomato chili sauce

    This is what i have been doing many times now and it is damn good stuff once it sits in the bottle for a few weeks:   - 4 cans of tomato pyree(500gram per can). - 6 cloves of garlic. - 12 naga morich chilis or other very hot ones.(you can also put various other milder chilis in there too for...