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  1. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    Well we are off to a healthy start. I had a few seeds that did not germ but that is to be expected. The rest are all doing well so far. Photos to come shortly.
  2. Blitz527

    Growdown Throwdown 2020 - Fatalii

    Well, my seeds FINALLY got here. Not sure why it took so long. But tomorrow they will be going into the starters and see what comes of it. Here's to a great competition this year.
  3. Blitz527

    Started the 2020 Carolina Reapers today. AeroGarden

    I used to have one of them and it worked great. My only complaint was that I could only start 6 plants at a time. If you are using it strictly to start seeds, see if they make a seed starting tray for that model. Good luck with the reapers. I've had great success with them in past years.
  4. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    I was talking to a buddy of mine and he suggested fox farm nutes I believe it was. Any experience with them? Anywho, the peppers started are in the dirt. Waiting on a few from seed savers. Probably going to start buying a few in bulk for next year too.
  5. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    A few little tails on some of my seeds, so they will be getting a proper burial within the next couple of days. Then it is off to build another stand like from season 1 if y'all remember that. We will see what happens. 2 side projects this year include jamaican oregano.... lol, and a...
  6. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    I looked them up the day they arrived. They do seem like very gnarly pods for sure. I appreciate the responses. And I hope y'all have a great season as well. This is the semi-boring part... waiting for germination lol. All of my jamaican oregano has sprouted and is now in jiffy pots with half...
  7. Blitz527

    seeds Question about when to start seeds

    Started to late. Plants came to maturity later because I started them late. We also have had a water problem in the early season months, the ground is saturated and we have had a lot of standing water, so my plant out date has been pushed a few weeks before, but that could be partially why I had...
  8. Blitz527

    seeds Question about when to start seeds

    So, I am in zone 6b in NY. In past years, I started my seeds mid February and did not get high yields of ripe pods. This year I have already out a round in for germ. But will most likely take advantage of a setup I had a few years ago for organizing and keeping everything in solo cups. If I can...
  9. Blitz527

    Zavory ****

    Zavory ****
  10. Blitz527

    Savory T??

    Savory T??
  11. Blitz527

    Growdown Throwdown 2020 - Fatalii

    Just trying to be as helpful as I can be and make sure everyone has a GREAT time competing this year. It's all about supporting each other right?
  12. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    Neither have I. There's a few I haven't heard of but all were gifts a couple years ago, so I decided to use the last of my seed stock for this year. It's going to be fun. I can not wait. I'll be looking around for seeds to purchase to add to the grow or keep in my stockpile/rebuild my stock lol.
  13. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    So here is what's in the germ bags now. Farmers market jalapeno Bhut Jalokia orange Copenhagen Orange turtcicle Early jalapeno Bolivian rainbow Bahamian beast Thai bird chilis BHP mystery pepper Jamaican oregano And the list will grow from here
  14. Blitz527

    Growdown Throwdown 2020 - Fatalii

    GURU what's up, I'm def in this year. I'll be ordering my seeds tomorrow. Been a crap few years but this year will be a game changer. Keep it spicey y'all. Glad to be back :) Note for the noobs, make sure you do a nice hearty soak in kerosene, or even better, throw em in a pot with some white...
  15. Blitz527

    2020 Here comes the BOOM

    SO..... here we go again. After the past 3 years being almost duds, 2020 will be the year to turn it around. I apologize for the absence and I am going to make a great effort to be here more like back in 2016/17. To recap, I had a fantastic year a few years back when I used my ex-inlaws place...
  16. Blitz527

    I'm not sure I'd be able to talk to someone after an incident like that. I'd probably laugh...

    I'm not sure I'd be able to talk to someone after an incident like that. I'd probably laugh every time I opened my mouth or apologize a bunch cuz let's be honest, no one wants to see this lol
  17. Blitz527

    Back in 2020 with a BANG

    Back in 2020 with a BANG
  18. Blitz527

    Stay Tuned, I'm BACK

    WELL... I wasnt able to do everything I hoped for this year, I had a decent grow, Went through a rough patch back in February. My sons mother and I split, So yet another wrench was thrown into my grow. My original start was a complete loss, I started a few other plants and had an okay yield. Our...
  19. Blitz527

    MikeUSMC 2019 Grow

    Grow looks awesome this year bub. Ill be trying again next year. Had a decent grow this year but nothing for the chili red for the competition. It was very very wet until mid may, So our plant out was very late this year. your crop looks awesome.
  20. Blitz527

    Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

    Well, again, My season turned out to be a bust..... Not giving up. My grow down plants germinated but did not survive as I went though another BS move... But next year ITS ON..... Congrats to everyone.