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  1. Dyce51

    Buying Bulk Peppers

    Anyone have a good source for buying fresh Habaneros and Ghost Peppers by the pound (I am going to need a few pounds of each) I will need to do a few purchases of peppers to keep production until my peppers are ready to be picked....I fell into a STEAL of a Deal!!!!  I know a guy who owns 4 30'...
  2. Dyce51

    commercial-kichen I think I have a kitchen!!!!

    I found this commercial kitchen located in Cleveland Ohio!!!  $24 per hour to rent ($20 non peak hours)  The help ya every step of the way!!! I am starting to get excited!!!!  Here is their website: . Very nice people full of information!!!!!
  3. Dyce51

    Scaling a recipe....

    I cannot afford to use a co-packer so I found I kitchen to rent.  I know that to scale a recipe you don't just multiply it end up with an unedible pot of goooooh!!!!  Do I convert all my measurements to weights (grams) due to the fact everything weighs different i.e. 1 cup of...
  4. Dyce51

    preservation Using vinegar but without the vinegar taste

    Sorry it's been so long since I've been here (life happens).......Anyway today the Family and I went to a winter festival in Medina Ohio. While walking around the square we visited several lil shops and one of them was named "The Olive Tap". We went in and HOLY COW!!!!!  All different flavor...
  5. Dyce51

    fermenting Pepper Mash vs. fresh peppers

    Would the use of pepper mash alter the flavor of a sauce? I have always used fresh peppers for my sauces but now that I am advancing and producing larger batches it seems that mash is easier to get and more cost effective. Also how much variations would there be in the quantity produced?
  6. Dyce51

    event June 15th-16th Medina Rib Burnoff!!!

  7. Dyce51


    So the other day I go to the doctors. I have had this nasty sinus infection for over a week. He tells me what I already know about the sinus infection. He hands me my script for antibiotics. He then tells me to use a certain Nose Spray called "Sinus Buster" he says its all natural and...
  8. Dyce51

    chinense trinidad scorpion butch t

    A local greenhouse is adverising these plants...4 pack is $11.99. decent price?? I may go ahead and get them to grow on the balcony of my apartment.... For my birthday I got a neat little greenhouse with grow I figure put it to use and get a couple of butch t's and acouple of...
  9. Dyce51

    co-packer COPACKER--------MAYBE

    I FOUND A LOCAL COPAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we need to talk and see whats what and find out cost and everything else. Knd of scary though, the smallest batch is 250 gallons.....(so 250 gallons X 128 oz. = 32000oz / 5oz woozies = 6400 5 oz bottles of hot sauce :eek: :surprised: :crazy: THATS...
  10. Dyce51

    recipe I need a recipe!!!!! or ideas!!

    I have about 3 pounds of Bhut Jolokia peppers left in the freezer. I want to make a sauce that has mostly the Bhut's. Most recipe Ideas I have been finding on the net has "add 1 or 2 bhut's" I got a few pounds to get rid of not 1 or 2've always made hot sauces with Habaneros...
  11. Dyce51

    Hey all!! I'm back

    well went through alot the last few months and things are finally starting to wind down. We just moved about a month ago and I finally got the cable hooked up and the computer hooked back up! So I wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone and see whats happening here!!
  12. Dyce51

    So it begins........

    About 2 years ago I spoke to a local co-paker about producing my sauces. I recently tried to contact them again and found out that they moved out of th Cleveland area and relocated to Chicago. So I called the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture and spoke to a very helpful woman. She gave me the contact...
  13. Dyce51

    Just an Idea....

    Ok as many of you guys know I have trying to commercially produce my sauces for quite some time now. The big problem I have is funding! I have other priorities that take pretty much all my money......3 kids, car payments, utilities, house, and the ever rising gas prices just to name a few...
  14. Dyce51

    spirits BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bacon Vodka!!

    I was looking on 1 of the distilling forums and I ran across this. I know how some of you guys LOVE BACON!! So here is the recipe that this guy came up with... ""This is my bacon vodka recipe and it works out quite well, plus its pretty easy to make. So this is why it works... bacon flavoring...
  15. Dyce51

    I'm back again!!

    Hi all...Been a while. I got lots of free time now (at least 4 months worth lol) I had an accident at work and got hurt pretty good. I broke my shoulder in 3 places, dislocated the joint and tore the bicep away from the bone. Well this past Thursday I had surgery and they repaired it all!! Now...
  16. Dyce51

    event Seven Hills Chili Cookoff

    Here we go again with the chili cookoff tomorrow!!!! My daughter and I won "Hottest Chili" trophy last year so hopefully we'll do it again!!!!!
  17. Dyce51

    Big Dick's Pizza and Wings Brunswick Ohio

    There is a new pizza shop in Brunswick, Ohio named Big Dicks Pizza and Wings. I figure what the hell I'd give them a try. I ordered a Large (16") Pizza, dozen of the Hot wings and a dozen BBQ wings not a bad deal for $22.00. ($10 for the pizza and $5 for each dozen wings and $2 delivery charge)...
  18. Dyce51

    spirits Hard Iced Tea

    I really like Twisted Tea. So I am trying to make my own version of it. I started out with 3 gallons of fresh brewed tea. I then dissolved enough sugar to bring the O.G. up to 1.08 (actual adjust reading was 1.087) that was almost 5 lbs. I added 3 tsp. of DAP and pitched my yeast (lalvin...
  19. Dyce51

    25 Reasons Beer is better than Women! (A lil risqué)

    I was going through some old boxes and found a bunch of papers from when my Dad owned his bars (back in 1958) and this joke was in the mix.................. 1. You can enjoy a beer all month long. 2. Beer stains wash out. 3. You don't have to wine and dine a beer 4. Your beer will...
  20. Dyce51

    Tuesday night funnies

    The Italian Secret to a Long Marriage At St. Peter's Catholic Church in Boston , they have weekly husband's marriage seminars. At the session last week, the priest asked Giuseppe, who said he was approaching his 50th wedding anniversary, to take a few minutes and share some insight...