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  1. Mr.CtChilihead

    Burned Leaves and Ripe Pods.

    A few pics of my favorite plants over wintering..The four plants are BBG7 MAMP, Carbonero and two 7-Pot Burgundy x CGN21500 one from yellow pod one from red..Under a 400 watt MH running a Hortilux Blue bulb. This year I didn't prune and they transitioned a lot better.         
  2. Mr.CtChilihead

    Death Kandy

    Not much to say..This shit will slap you silly..I ate a UV Moruga out of this batch..Thought my head was gonna explode!  
  3. Mr.CtChilihead

    How to stay young or hurt..

    This what I did last Sunday..Barbie Jeep death race..Good times for old kids..This was my first time..I won this race by running the jeep to the finish line after my crash!!         And here is a lik to more pics..If you like these there are some vids floating around...
  4. Mr.CtChilihead

    free Free Pods!!!

    O.K. Here is the deal..I just want to give back to a great community that has been generous to me.So I'm giving away a sfrb of misc. Hot peppers..Mostly super hots..But there might be some habs and Fatalii in the mix..See sample pic..So how do I get the pods you ask? Till Friday midnight...
  5. Mr.CtChilihead

    fermenting Walt's ferment thread..

    I processed my first ferment this week..It is a pineapple and Jays peach ghost scorpions..I didn't keep real good track of anything while I made it so duplication is't gonna happen..I learned and will get better..The sauce is ok..Pineapplely, sweet and hot..A bit on the thin side and needs to be...
  6. Mr.CtChilihead

    Any clue?.

    Grew these with another was suppose to be Carolina yellow hab..One plant definitely a yellow hab the other is this orange pod..I did have an issue with a dog knocking over a tray early on this year so I might have messed things up..             Thanks for looking!    
  7. Mr.CtChilihead

    I hate hail...

    Got hit real bad by hail storm today...Was too devastated to take pics or really work on the garden..I think the peppers did better then the maters and eggplants...But everything got pounded pretty good..Tomato patch is two feet shorter and packed in like a cube of vines..
  8. Mr.CtChilihead

    Mr.CtChilihead's 2017 Grow!

    I've been gardening for years...But was really bitten by the hot pepper bug a few years back... Here is the list of peppers I have going..And a few pictures to bring you up to speed..Started planting 2/1/17 under a 400 MH with heat mats..     Moruga UV Mustard BBM Devils Tongue Yellow Mako Kokoo...
  9. Mr.CtChilihead

    Who else is smoking a fatty?

    .Seriously...Sausage stuffed with grilled onions,sweet peppers,bacon and two kinds of cheddar cheese..My peach hot sauce and a cheap bbq sauce..In a bacon weave with a strawberry chili sauce glaze..Not my best fatty but tasty..
  10. Mr.CtChilihead

    CT guys and gals..

    I have too many cherry tomato plants..A bunch of varieties..If anyone would like to come grab a few PM me and I'll let ya know exactly what I have..I'm going threw them tonight after work..These are free but would never turn down seeds, sauces or beer.
  11. Mr.CtChilihead

    What else do you do?

    I'm Walt.And this is how I spend my time, besides growing stuff and cooking..I like motorcycles, racing mini bikes and shooting..And I've been known to win chili and wing contests..
  12. Mr.CtChilihead

    Cooking yeah we do that

    Just thought I'd say hi and introduce my self..I'm Walt from CT... Here's a pics of my ABT's on a rack of ribs..Made on a cheap kettle grill..