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  1. Geonerd

    Desert Grow 2020

    The last few growing years have been filled with disappointment, outright disaster, and greatly reduced interest.  But then 2020 came along and 'gifted'  :rolleyes: me with plenty of time to devote to the hobby! The Pepper Zone sucked me in big time.   Results to date are fantastic, at least by...
  2. Geonerd

    free Free plants in Tucson.

    Planted waaaay too many of the damn things this year!  I have about 24 beer-cup plants in need of a good home.  Free, or pay a buck or two if you can.  Most are baccatum, but there are also a few Thai, NuMex, Yellow S.B., and one or two stupid-hot varieties. East side. PM me!   From memory: Aji...
  3. Geonerd

    The wasps are here!

    Chow down, suckers!     Death is coming for you... 
  4. Geonerd

    Anyone tried roulette spicy mashed potatoes?

    Inspired by the chips, I'm going to make variably spicy mashed taters for a TG potluck.  Plenty of small chunks of assorted mild-ish peppers, with the occasional red and yellow fatalii or Bih and J. substituting for the milder varieties.  The trial batch went well - my face is still smoking!   :)
  5. Geonerd

    What the heck are these things?

    Found a pair of these ugly buggers chewing nice holes in one of my plants.     Any ideas as to what they are, other than "Flying Space Bugs?"  
  6. Geonerd

    What have I done?!

    so i sprayed my garden down good with rock salt in a water bottle sprayer yesterday and thing's dont look so good today.... what's up with that? i was told it was good for the plant's...   :scared:  
  7. Geonerd

    Fresh Bat Poop?!

    Bridge-Bat Poop? This evening I went to observe the nightly exodus of Free Tailed bats from beneath a local bridge here in Tucson.  These guys eat tons of insects each night and there are significant amounts of 'pellets' covering the ground. A minute's effort with a broom and dustpan would have...
  8. Geonerd

    Assaholic Birds!

    Got home to find 4 empty pots on my seedling table.  Looking around, I found 2 wilted, dying plants laying pitifully on the table. The other two were just GONE!  It seems a local species of bird is getting its jollies by uprooting my 3~4 inch young plants. This happened a few times last year as...
  9. Geonerd

    vendor ChileseedUSA - assorted 'New Mexico' varieties.

    I haven't bought anything from these folks, but do want to point out that they kindly provided seeds and a nice prize to the 2016 THP Big Jim contest now underway.  They have great prices on a number of New Mexico style varieties (and BT Scorp if you're looking to plant half an acre of pain.)  ...
  10. Geonerd

    More SFRB pods. $16

    Picked another batch yesterday.   I've got enough for two boxes.  Mix and match as you like.   No pesticides.   Over the last two seasons, I've collected fair selection of seeds and will be happy to include a few you might find interesting.   Bih-J and Yellow Brainstrain.   Aji Angelo  ...
  11. Geonerd

    Mixed SFRB #2 - $15 <ON HOLD>

    UPDATE:  Sold a box and gave some away for Halloween.  Don't have quite enough for another box...         Got another batch, straight off the plants here in sunny (Holy crap, it's raining!? ) Aridzona.   Your choice of peppers. Mix and match to stuff a SFRB.      Aji Angelo, Aji Pineapple, Aji...
  12. Geonerd

    Mixed SFRB - $16

    This batch should fill a SFRB quite nicely.   For scale, the Aji Angelo and longer Cap 267 are exactly 4" long, including the stem.    No pesticides ever used.   Spiraling in, clockwise, from upper left.   Fatalii, CAP 267, Inca Red Drop, Bih Jolokia, Aji Angelo, LT Cayenne, Rainforest, Bishop's...
  13. Geonerd

    Everyone, please give a warm welcome to George!

    Meet my new pet. I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him (very gently) and name him, "George." George will get all the old pepper leaves he can eat.  (And the little f**ker eats a lot!) I'll post occasional updates as he eats and poops and gains weight and eats and poops some more!   (Hey...
  14. Geonerd

    container Calcium for container plants. PPM?

    When applying a Calcium Acetate additive to container/soil plants, what strength should I be aiming for? I've been adding a 'pinch' of ~1/2 teaspoon with each 2 gallon jug but would like to refine this dose somewhat.  I see the hydro guys aim for ~180ppm of Ca in their brew.   Living in Az, I go...
  15. Geonerd

    Noob! How to transfer heat of powders into meat?

    I'm looking to make some 'Roulette Drumsticks' for Memorial Day.  The idea is similar to the chips - that the legs will look identical, all covered with the same sauce and then grilled, but that a few will have an extra heaping helping of hellfire in the meat itself.    I've got a fair variety...
  16. Geonerd

    Scoville's Cats

    Making the rounds....
  17. Geonerd

    wanted Looking for Dedo De Moca

    Anyone have a few spares?  Judy's been sold out for a while.  I've got a decent selection of baccatums, and a dozen or so stupid-hot varieties to trade.   Thanks
  18. Geonerd

    media Peat vs Coir vs Perlite

    Per cubic foot, which is better for fluffing dense sandy soil?
  19. Geonerd

    Big Box Peppers. Anyone grown these?

    The local Big Box store is ramping up for the Spring blitz. Apart from the usual California Bell and Cayenne varieties, they had a number of somewhat novel pepper seeds on sale.   Has anyone grown these guys?  They look sorta tempting.