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    National Food on a Stick Day

    I just learned that today is National Food on a Stick Day. Any plans to celebrate the occassion?

    Monsanto peppers

    Just to let other Monsanto haters know what peppers to stay away from in order to keep money away from the devil. I just found out one of my favorites the Sahuaro is on the list :( Buying these will support Monsanto's evil plan of controlling the world's food Anaheim TMR 23, Ancho Saint...

    Longest chile competition

    I see that at least 3 other chile forums are having longest chile competitions this season so I thought I'd see if there is any interest here. Remember this is for fun and we don't need any arguments so we'll need to discuss a few basic rules. Anybody interested?

    Dragons harvest stealing pics

    I noticed that Neil(thsc) had some issues with this Dragon's harvest guy stealing pics and acting like an a-hole when confronted, then I found he was stealing my pics as well as any others he could use to sell his seeds. After asking him to properly link my pics this was his resonse "Dragons...

    R.I.P. YABBA

    I just saw this on another forum and thought I'd re-post. Not sure where to post so feel free to move this R.I.P. Yabba "It's with great sadness that I have to do this, but I received the news that Yabba passed away suddenly today. Our thoughts are with his family and friends; he'll be sorely...

    Beautiful purple pods

    This is one of my annuum crosses that I've been working on, and just had to show off. I hope I can stabalize these beauties over time. Cool color and shape on this one by potawie, on Flickr

    No pants day today

    Get those trousers off, its no pants day. Careful with your asian throwdown cooking, especially if you're frying anything naked :onfire::) They really should have picked a day in the summer for this annual event, I'm all shrivelled up :)

    chinense Habanero's Designation of Origin Raises Questions

    Interesting short article on protection of "habanero" "On June 4, 2010, the states of Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo were awarded a Denominación de Origen for the habanero variety of chile pepper by The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) of the Ministry of Economy. Thus the...

    Lots of birthdays

    Happy birthday to all the 159 members having birthdays today :) I'll have a drink for each of you

    wanted Looking for chilaca seeds other than pasilla bajio

    I've grown some chilacas in the past that seemed hotter, more flavorful and more productive than the usual pasilla bajio type. I was hoping to compare a few different varieties but these days it seems the pasilla bajio is about the only ones you can easily find without a trip to Mexico. So...

    seed source for yellow bird peppers?

    I'm thinking of trying out some yellow bird peppers if I can find seeds. Anybody have extra seeds or know of a source? I'm basically looking for any tiny yellow pepper (with good flavor) that can fit in my peugeot chile grinder instead of my regular tepin/pequin mix

    Potawie's summer of 2010

    Now that its summer I thought I'd start a new thread. For those interested here's a link to my early progress, and also for me since I'm having a terrible time with the new forum's search function Things are getting quite...

    Welcome all new members

    I can't take all the repetition in the welcome threads so I thought I'd post one big welcome to all the new users. WELCOME to THP!. Some great info here on growing on using peppers, as well as info on sauces, bbq/grilling, and drinking :beer: Make sure to look around, and try out the search...

    seeds When do you finish planting chile seeds?

    I'm surprised how many people(Northern hemisphere) still haven't started all their chinenses, so I thought I'd put the question out there again. When do you start (and finish) planting your seeds? I start most of my chinenses and pubescens in January, most annuums in February, and tomatoes and...

    Potawie's early progress 2010

    I think I now finally have all my pepper seeds started, but still have to get tomatos and other veggies going very soon. About another month before I get the greenhouse fired up again but I've got spring fever already. Here's a few winter projects I have going on that I thought I'd share...

    Fermenting foods info

    I've been looking into making kimchi and sauerkraut and came across this page full of fermentation recipes. Some very interesting ideas. Any body ever make their own kimchi?

    Too funny, Reimerseeds complains about Seeds-by size

    Both Reimerseeds and Seeds-by-size have been known to be terrible seeds suppliers and I remember someone recently suggesting that they were the same company so I checked into it. After reading this complaint from Reimers about Seeds-by-size I really doubt it. If you know anything about...

    Anybody growing giant vegetables?

    This year I have a lot of different giant vegetable varieties I want to grow. So far I have seeds from: a couple types of large tomato, some giant pumpkins, giant gourds, tall corn, and a few large types of peppers. Many of these I received in trades or as gifts so I haven't tried most yet...

    Purple C. chinense?

    Has anyone heard of a chinense with purple pods? I've heard of the purple habanero but have never seen pics of purple pods. The closest I've seen is the Bode Roxa but it seems like kind of an off purple. Anybody know of any other types?

    Fastest, best producing brown C. chinense?

    I've grown many different brown chinenses over the years and they always seem to start slow for me. Does anyone have a variety that grows and produces quickly? or do you have a favorite for flavor or heat? I know the answer for most is Douglah;) but personally I can't decide which one I like...