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    Marconi Madness

    Tasty Sweet Blocks of Goodness.....Cheez stuffed, Cooked into stews, Fried...any ole way imaginable:    
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    free [[[CLOSED]]] :::: PayBacks..!..Free Aji Jobito Seeds to first 10 Responders in USA

    Open to USA members only:   I've had such great success with the Venezuelan Jobitos that I'd like to spread some seed around to forum members that would  REALLY like to give em a try.   Just post that  you "Would like a pack".   Just PM me your Addy and I'll get em out to ya ASAP.   First 10...
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    wanted WTB/WTT for Seeds of Aji Margaretino, Aji Rosita, and other Lindberg seeds

    Anyone in US have great success with Aji Margaretino, Aji Rosita, or others in the Lindberg lineup?     I had a great season with Aji Jobito and have excellent seeds to trade or I will purchase other seed from your Lindberg lineup.  I also have other seed available for trade.   Who's got em?  
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    The Jobito Has Landed...

    I am so friggin' happy right now.   Beautiful Pepper IMO !!!     :dance:  
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    Help me Sweeten my Hot Sauce

    I cooked up about a 5 quart batch of hot sauce last month and have it stored/aging in the fridge since then.  I tasted it today and love it's Zing but I want to add some honey or brown sugar or whatever to balance the heat somewhat.   My main concern is I don't want to add too much sugar to mess...
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    trade Anybody got Aji OmniColor seeds for sale or trade???

    Looking for these seeds for a while.  Rather obtain from here than from the less than "stellar" vendors out there.    Thanks.
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    A little pepper porn 2016

    The playing field:   Blushing Fresno   Red Fresno   Lemon Drops & Don't Forget The Sunscreen !    Member sent me these supposedly Guajillo ??? Or is it Big Jim???   Lemon Drops / Over Habs
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    seeds Aji Jobito Seedling turnin' yellow?

    This is the only  one of my seedlings exhibiting yellow.  All others look healthy  It's an Aji Jobito.  Is this chlorosis?  At such young age?  Lower growth seems normal.   Hmmmmm.??.  dunno. ETA:  They have been under 4100K fluorescents for couple weeks.  Just today, started settin out on South...
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    soil Previous Seasons Potted Soil

    Won't be long before I transfer my new seedlings to last seasons containers.    Would it be best to leave the soil in the pot and plant directly in to it.  Or should I empty the soil from the pots and loosen it up/remix before transplanting the new crop?     I didn't want to disturb that soil...
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    wanted TRADED THANKS ! Seed Trade? I'm Looking for Aji Crystal seeds.

    TRADED.  Thanks to all.
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    pests ? Black streaks on Lemon Drops...bug bites or ?

    A few of my lemon drops are showing up with little black streaks on them. Could it be bug bites or some type of fungus/bacteria?     Not all pods are affected, just a few. Waddayathink?    
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    Made My First Ever Habanero Jelly !

    This recipe is from ALL RECIPES website and as judged by the reviews, it's a GOOD one.  Used my White Habaneros.  Grated carrots, diced red sweet peppers, apple cider,  liquid pectin,and sugar.   CANT STOP EATIN' IT....HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!     Gotta get some cream cheese tonite.......and some pita...
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    Purchasing Blocked by Ebay Seed Vendor

    I just can't believe reputable vendor would do this.    Last year a certain Ebay vendor sent me out some purchased Lemon Drop seeds.  Long story short...  they turned out to be white habanero.   I contacted him politely after the grow season and he sent me out the correct Lemod Drop seed no...
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    Aji Lemon Drops Dropping...

    I have four Baccatum  Aji Lemon drops growing in Walmart bags.  Day time temps are at 90F Night time temps hover at 78-80F   When they first started podding up, I got some 2&1/2 inch peppers (@ 8 pieces) and they were textbook examples and even more so after ripening to a brilliant yellow.   A...
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    wanted Looking to purchase a few Aji Crystal seeds for next seasons planting

    Planning ahead for 2015....If interested in selling a few....let me know.   Thanks    
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    Walmart EWC (Earth Worm Castings)

    I was looking at the label on a bucket of EWC at Wally Worlds and noticed on the label it said "not to be used in the production of organic food"   What's up with that ????
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    AACT and De-chlorinating

    Hey all.  Just tryin to get into my first Compost Tea.  To avoid the 24 hour de-chlorination wait, would it be acceptable to use the de-chlorinating drops that I've used to de-chlorinate Aquarium water?   I'm guessing No coz it's some sort of chemical.   Just thought I'd ask though.  TIA
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    vendor Semillas La Palma seed order

    I have to give a big thumbs up to Semillas.  Placed order on 5/26..shipped out 5/27/ received    6/2.....WOW !  Six Day Turnaround       I'll be back for more!