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    video Tabasco Video

    amazing it takes 3+ years of fermenting to make a sauce so crappy
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    cooking Separation in Hot Sauce After Cooking

    Separation is normal. You can try and find some xanthan gum if you want to next time.    As for cooking, I wouldn't buy a sauce in Bangkok that needed refrigeration the whole time, but you know your customers better than I do.
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    Straight-up Habanero Louisiana style hot sauce

    Sounds like a good sauce but just an FYI: "Louisiana style" pretty much means a Cayenne (plus salt and vinegar, nothing else) sauce. Habanero is not Louisiana style.
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    My improvised sauce - is it safe?

    "Food poisoning" due to which microbes? Specifically? That you can link specifically to open air fermentation.   Thanks in advance.
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    chinense Carolina Reaper pepper causes thunderclap headache

      Isn't there some idiot on this forum from Turkey who tries to get his friends to eat hot peppers and have diarrhea on busses?
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    chinense Carolina Reaper pepper causes thunderclap headache

    It's abrupt changes (in your case, increase, with the warmer temp) in brain blood flow. Same mechanism that causes migraines. If you pay attention to it, you'll see the pounding rate corresponds to your heart rate.
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    flavor Figuring out flavors

    One of the best antidotes to bitterness is salt. Just FYI....
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    flavor Figuring out flavors

    Only a week for Sriracha? Huh... would have guessed longer. How did you find that out SL?
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    preservation is a shelf stable no-vinegar sauce possible?

    ^^^emanphoto you can use a pure lactobacillus starter in the form of a Culturelle probiotic capsule/packet that will be vegan-friendly. Don't know the availability of those in Thailand but I'd imagine Amazon ships most everywhere. Or use the juice from a raw sauerkraut or kimchi ferment. Or a...
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    Hot Sauce Color

    Leave out the onion, garlic, and tomatillos and it will be more red I'd guess. Obviously it would change the flavor....
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    condiment How about some hot BBQ sauce?

    You're welcome :)   IMO figuring out your signature BBQ sauce is much easier than doing a hot sauce because you can taste it over and over without your tongue getting shredded from the capsaicin. 
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    tutorial Fermenting Peppers 101

    Is the sauce you're looking to replicate fermented? If so I can only guess that the company that makes it would ferment it to completion which I think would take a month minimum (though it all depends on what's in there). And then there's aging which can take weeks to years....   If it's not...
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    condiment How about some hot BBQ sauce?

    It's basically a substituted version of this: Instead of chili powder and vinegar I added hot sauce. Also substituted fruit preserve for brown sugar, a little goes a long way. No oil in my version. The...
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    Main problem as far as I can tell is the speaker. I had the same problem as you and replaced the stock speaker and tubes with a Weber 6" Signature and JJ's and all of a sudden the breakup was actually musical and not flabby trash. I agree an 8" would have been a much better choice regardless...
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    Asian Hot Peppers - what to do?

    People make sauces from de Arbols, don't see why you couldn't make a sauce from these.
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    Smoked pepper weight vs Fresh pepper weight ?

    If you are to be consistent, you need to weigh the peppers at the time of jarring and everything else including the water that will be your brine and base the salt off of that. The weight of the peppers pre-smoking is irrelevant.
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    I have that one too!   (The little Fender Champion, not the good stuff lol. Actually the Champion is a real nice amp for low volume clean tones and can do overdrive with a better speaker just fine)   First electric was a sunburst LP standard. Used to just stare at that guitar. Then I got into...
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    pressure canning

    I might point out that a pH meter is probably going to be cheaper than a pressure canner...
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    Food Processor

    Right now I'm doing a combination of immersion blender and food mill. Blender leaves the seeds behind and some pepper skins and other things that don't fully break down. But there's no way I'm getting a mash through my food mill without blending it some beforehand. Even one I fermented for two...
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    Hot boiled peanuts

    "Poppers" in San Francisco meant something else in the 80's  :shocked: