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    labels trying to make a label for my sauce

    Use within 3 weeks?  The first ingredient is bhuts!  It's certainly not going to go bad after 3 weeks in the fridge.  I'm not sure what the Slovenian labeling requirements are but there will probably be a few other things that need to be included.  What about statements like, gluten free, all...
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    spirits The Whisky Thread

    So I did some online research on inexpensive whiskeys and looked for the names that kept popping up everywhere as possible aging candidates.  Then I went to the local liquor store to see what I could find.  Here are the names that were often cited as good inexpensive whiskeys: WL Weller...
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    misc Shrink Wrap help

    Just warm it up for a few seconds and then hold it directly above and then point to the sides and slowly spin the bottle.  Just experiment a little and you'll get the right rhythm.  I'm sure everyone has a different technique.
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    misc Shrink Wrap help

    You need a heat gun like this:   Works like a charm.  Don't burn yourself  :P
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    artwork Logo input needed-Pure Evil products

    I'm going to stray a little here. I like #4, easily. But I don't like the stroke on line 2. They look too much the same. I like the variation between the lines. It makes both lines pop instead of blend.
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    spirits The Whisky Thread

    That's a little more ambitious than I had planned on. I can't imagine aging 2 liters for three months and waiting for another 2 liters to age for a year just to mix them together (did I read that right).  I would need several barrels going in tandem to have the willpower to pull that off.   I'm...
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    spirits The Whisky Thread

    Does anyone have experience with aging barrels?  I picked up a 2-liter barrel at the Houston Hot Sauce festival and had my company logo and tag line engraved.  I have used it twice now.  The first was with some free "essence" they provided that was supposed to make it taste like Makers Mark when...
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    Why does it cost so much?

      I gotta do this!
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    Having a consistent product year round?

    For year-round pepper consistency, many use a mash.  You can find it all over now like Louisiana Pepper Exchange.  I think PuckerButt also sells mash and many others.
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    Wholesaling / Consignment / Getting my shizit into stores

    Wow, you really did find an old post!  I really have not pursued restaurants much.  One place stopped carrying my sauce because people walk out with bottles.  It's too easy to put one in their coat pocket.  So the owner moved them all to his retail store.  I called BS on that because I sold them...
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    The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

    Congrats to all the winners. Great job.
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    The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards! - Call For Entries!

      Exactly.  And you just contributed to the mayhem because I saw a new post and clicked on the link with great anticipation but found it was just you complaining about people posting to this thread and causing you to do what you just caused me to do. :rofl: Now someone will see my post and fall...
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    labels Salsa label suggestions needed

    I don't like the tilted look.  It's doesn't match the rest of the label.  So I say oval (for consistency) and level, not off-kilter.   I also like Homemade more than Premium.   It also bothers me that the "medium" is pushed to the left and not centered and that there is not enough space between...
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    misc Selling by Pallet

    hotsauce4good,   Welcome to THP!  I think a pallet is whatever you put on it.  Ask the customer how much they need and if it's more than 10 cases it may be cheaper to ship on a pallet. Otherwise, you can define a pallet as your minimum batch from your co-packer.  If your co-packer requires 150...
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    I would eat the hell out of those.
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    Ken's Pepper Works Holiday Sale

    Hey winland, sale is going on now through new years day. 10% off everything and free shipping on orders of $35 or more. I never made a separate post here but it's happening. Thanks. Ken
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    Really neat idea winland!  Or is that a photo from yesteryear?
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    Ken's Pepper Works Holiday Sale

      Thank's for the great words IP!  I love hearing these things  :dance: Ken
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    misc Tired of woozies

    A lot of companies are now using flasks, which I like.  Here are a few links: Freund Container Also, I looked in my pantry and found a couple hot sauce flasks.  You could contact the companies and ask where they get theirs.  I'm sure they would be happy to help. Hotline Pepper...
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    Rio Grande Mud Review by ZinThePhoenix

    Okay, this is no longer just the  hot sauce review season.  It's turned into the hot sauce review train, barreling through at full speed with another solid ZinThePhoenix review for  Rio Grande Mud. Good to see the "Mud" get some love :P  Choo Choo!   Ken