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  1. Slug

    pests Anyone recognize this Aji chile problem? Fungus? Disease? Pest?

    Just want to find out if I should remove the affected pods when I see them or not worry about it.  I've noticed this only on one Aji Amarillo and one Aji Pineapple plant, so far.  Some of the chiles develop these brown or black'ish streaks.  It doesn't behave like BER at all.  The plants...
  2. Slug

    Why is the 'Farmer's Jalapeño' cool?

    Because it goes from a little nub to a jalapeño looking thing in a couple of days.   "Meh!" you say.  You've seen much cooler peppers and you can buy those at a supermarket.   Then it starts to rebel against smooth supermarket jalapeño stereotypes:     Same pepper, a week later.  Corked all to...
  3. Slug

    Slug's 2017 Ghetto Grow Log.

    Just wanted to post some pics and thank some people for helping me get back on my feet in the growing sense after a really bad year.  Someone mistakenly threw out almost my entire seed stock as they were trying to help around my place when I was in hospital last year.  RalphTheChilihead and...
  4. Slug

    Hello from Arkansas, and thanks.

    I've lurked these forums for a couple of years and wanted to take a moment to thank the lot of you for all the helpful planting/growing/drying info I've gotten from here in that time.  Never actually joined because I don't have much free time and never felt I had much to contribute.  I lost my...