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  1. Tim Vader

    Can you use pickled peppers for sauces?

    A few weeks ago I had to many peppers to deal with so I tossed a bunch in some vinegar and shelved them. Now that I have made a few sauces, I want to make more and I am out of fresh peppers, haha. Can I use the pickled ones? I doubt I will ever decide to grab a jar of super hots and start...
  2. Tim Vader

    wanted Looking for woozy bottles

    I cant find a site that takes paypal, anyone have 2-3 dozen sets with caps, orafices and shrink they want to sell?
  3. Tim Vader

    Tomato sprouts getting too tall!

    My tomatos started sprouting less than a week ago and they are getting so tall they are starting to fall over. They are still in the seed starter kit, should I get these into potting soil and a cup soon, or will they strengthen up?
  4. Tim Vader

    Making powders

    How do you guys make your powders? I realize now that smoking them would have been better than just drying them out, but its too late now. Do you grind the seeds? Do you add other seasonings to them for flavor, or just keep it pure?   I made 4 small bags of Brain Strain and 4 reapers. They are...
  5. Tim Vader

    Just messing around a bit...

    I looked at a few recipes this past week and had a little free time on my hands, so I decided to make 2 batches.     Very basic recipe that I found online. Was not very "exact" on all the ingredients, it was more of a test run...twice   First batch: 1 cup assorted scorpions  1 cup white wine...
  6. Tim Vader

    Peppers used in landscaping

    I was looking at some photos of pepper plants being used in gardens, do any of you guys do this?   What types of peppers are good in gardens? I have some medusa heads, piky nu, and some long red cayennes here right now, and found an article that said sangria, poinsetta, and black pearls were...
  7. Tim Vader

    recipe Need some easy recipes for a LOT of peppers!

    I have a bunch of peppers and I want to make some sauces while I am off work. I go back friday, so I have a good bit of time on my hands.        What I have: 2+ gallon bags of Chocolate Scorpions 1 gallon bag of brainstrains 1 gallon bag of mixed scorpions 1 gallon bag of moruga scorpions 1/2 qt...
  8. Tim Vader

    seeds When do I move the seedlings to cups?

    It seems that the majority of my seedlings have begun to stall growing. The are developing 3rd and 4th leaves, but they do not seem to be getting any taller over the last 3-5 days which is considerable since some others that I planted on 12/13 (different varieties) are already taller than all of...
  9. Tim Vader

    seeds Seed storage

    I currently have 50+ types of pepper seed, but that will be well over 100 in the next few weeks. How do you guys store and catalog your stock? I currently have them in small jewelry bags in a plastic case, but there has got to be a better way. PIcs would be great  
  10. Tim Vader

    White fuzzy sprouts??

    I have more sprouts popping up, in 3 different trays. 2 of them have the same seed starter, same water mix, same lighting, and on the same shelf in my room, but one of them has about 80% of the sprouts coming up white and they are fuzzy. Whats that all about? every row has a different type of...
  11. Tim Vader

    vendor MY Bakers experience thus far...

    Just updating this because in all honesty, I am just tired of dealing with it now.    You can see by the date of my original post that I ordered from Bakers on 12/4. The no shipping because of being on vacation week is very well documented, so I will skip that part. What has not been documented...
  12. Tim Vader

    dehydrating The "Good Eats" dehydrator??

    Has anyone ever tried to do this with peppers? I want to dry a bunch next week and wanted to use this method since I do not have a dehydrator. Very cheap, and VERY easy!
  13. Tim Vader

    Anyone have a good wholesale site?

    Was looking to start ordering plastic pots, and I am going to need a bunch. Does anyone know a good site to get a good price on them? 
  14. Tim Vader

    wanted WTB a nice mixed box....

    Looking for a nice box of fresh mixed, some powders, and maybe a nice sauce or two....anyone have anything?   Not just looking for deadly hot stuff, wanting to sample multiple varieties of fresh from sweet and mild to super hots. whatcha got?
  15. Tim Vader

    "Unstable strains"

    What does this mean? I hear that the chocolate Bhutlah is an unstable strain, for instance. Does it blow up if you mix it up or something, lol?   I am guessing that they are not very reliable growers?
  16. Tim Vader

    So, I have sprouts, now what??

    Its been 11 days since I planted the ghost, reaper, and scorpion seeds and I am already sprouting over 50% of what was planted. the only ones that I am not getting any response from so far are the yellow bhutlahs. The reapers and scorpions are at about half, the chocolate and red bhuts are 4/10...
  17. Tim Vader

    Just ate my first super hot

    So, I just split a carolina reaper from Slade with my buddy Daniel. It was hot, really hot, but it was not as brutal as I thought it was going to be. I did only get half though. It had a very good flavor at first then the heat came. It burned when I talked, exhaled, hiccuped, and pretty much the...
  18. Tim Vader

    Just got my first box in!

    Got these from Slade Demon Pepperslayer Russell, can't say that I am not impressed :) Very nice selection, and they all look great. I have a lot to do tomorrow, so hanging around waiting to have a flame shoot out my butt is not an option, lol. I will be digging into these by Friday, and I will...
  19. Tim Vader

    wanted Looking for seeds

    Not picky, looking for whatever you guys have laying around. I will gladly pay postage for some random lots of seeds. I have plenty of reapers, bhuts, and scorpions already in the dirt, would love to get some more going. Peppers, veggies, flowers, whatever. I am learning the ropes and improving...
  20. Tim Vader

    smoking My outdoors kitchen

    Just wanted to show off my WiP. I am on hold because I am waiting to see if I am on the list to get my house elevated a few feet. Being in Louisiana, my insurance is higher than a giraffes butt, so anything I can do to save $$ is fine by me!     I did everything myself with some help from some...