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  1. Rairdog

    Rairdog's Smoking, Drinking, Brewing, Cooking and Growing

    I have not started my grow yet so I will start off with the smoking, drinking and brewing.   Today it was a ham shank....89cents per lb.  with a brown sugar/mustard rub... and cumin, garlic, thyme, paprika and home grown pepper blend(HGPB)   OVERTOP... a turkey breast with a oil rub and cumin...
  2. Rairdog

    Anyone grill a big filet mignon

    I got a last minute text from my mom to cook a filet today.  My sis spent $116 at out local butcher which has great quality meat.  I imaging it is 6-7lbs.  I made a lot of deer and pork loins but never a beef loin.  It is always a pain getting her NG grill to heat up especially when its cold.   ...
  3. Rairdog

    Rairdog's Grow and Beer 2017

    2017 Pepper list so far....before I forget lol     1.    Corno di Toro -  Red sweet bull horn 2.    Corno di Toro - Yellow sweet bull horn 3.    Pablano -  Ancho/drying for chile powder 4.    Cubanelle - Yellow-green-red sweet frying 5.    Pasilla Negro - Drying pepper w/ raisin coco for mole...
  4. Rairdog

    Show me your winter/frozen stash

    I got some....not sure what to do with em.  What you got!      
  5. Rairdog

    Cooking with sourdough

    I thought I would start this to help people get turned onto sourdough.  I am not the authority but it made a huge difference in the the way I make bread, pizza, pancakes, biscuits, crackers and other things made with flour.    Those that are more experienced in SD feel free to jump in and post...
  6. Rairdog

    Rairdog's Shanks on sale 1.27 $/lb

    Well I got my first batch of Mead going today.   Went to the beer store and bought a brew kit, a chiller and a brew bag IPA   I already have an unused 8.75 gal turkey fryer   The woman brought these home.  They were 1.5 gal coffee SS dispenser in perfect shape(Zo's).  I figure they would be...
  7. Rairdog

    fermenting Fish sauce added to ferment?

    I was thinking about trying some fish sauce, serranos a couple supers, some lemon juice and garlic to make a sauce.  Anyone have a proven recipe or procedure?
  8. Rairdog

    Continuous Free POWDER while it lasts...riddle me this

    Playing for powder for now!  Pick 5 (small samples will be prize)       Get your free pods while they last.  Those with limited space move to the front....bad yield... I got ya covered.  It's not a rigged game but it's designed for newbs and those that are interested in getting started.  Taste...
  9. Rairdog

    Supposedly if the greens turn color

    I would be giving away free pods.  It would be my way of paying back what I have taken from this forum.  How can I do it so that everyone is happy and it doesn't cost either of us much money and time?
  10. Rairdog

    Killing Spree

    It wasn't cool like I saw in the movies.  They were redheaded stepchildren that would end up in therapy.  I got enough mouths to feed.  30 plants composted. can pod, but it's not in your blood to pod correctly.  You will probably just sneak across the border and make worst pods.    ...
  11. Rairdog

    What have you learned from a forum

    Forums have helped me tremendously.  The woman thinks I spend way too much time.  Since  forums I have learned to:   1) Grow seeds with heat mats and proper light..even without the heat mats 2) Build an Aquaponics system and maintain it 3) Build a greenhouse 4) Build top bar hives and manage...
  12. Rairdog

    Air injection into flooded garden

    Some of my gardens were under 1-2 ft of water they have not responded well.  The ground water is only 6 in down in places.  I know from aquaponics/HP experience that the roots need air to survive under water.  As an experiment I took a piece of brake line and fashioned it to a air nozzle from...
  13. Rairdog

    Fermenting garden veggies

    I was just wondering what all can be fermented.  I like to use what I have growing and want to avoid running around looking for stuff or ordering online.   Here is a list of what I am growing for the season and plan to ferment in different combinations.   Napa cabbage Pak Choi Carrots Radish...
  14. Rairdog

    Wifi web cam

    I was playing around last summer with my bees and set up an my phone to serve as a wifi webcam to watch them inside the hive.  I am not affiliated whatsoever.  If you dl IP Webcam app to your phone and type in the IP address it gives on any device you will have a live webcam within wifi range. ...
  15. Rairdog

    wanted Looking for a good mix of seeds

    I'm new to the hot peppers and have always just grown store bought habs, serrano and sweets seeds.  After seeing all these awesome pics of unusual varieties I want to up my game.  If someone has some extra seeds I would appreciate it.  I don't really know what I want by the names.  I was...
  16. Rairdog

    Rairdog's glog 2015 First smoke!

    I will start of with the starting chamber I made.  It is basically a window box that is inside my deck greenhouse.  I also have aquaponic growbeds in the GH.  The fish tank is in the basement to keep fish through the winter.   I wanted to utilize the sun light and solar heat that the GH...
  17. Rairdog


    Time to quit lurking and sign up.  I need to improve my pepper growing skills and making sauce/powder.   After cruising thru some pics of lush green pepper plants compared to my pale green leaves, it time to step it up.  I got a lot going on in the DIY dept. including aquaponics, SWC, GH, grow...