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  1. Hops&Habas

    2021 GROW AND SEEDS?

    Hey guys I am looking for viable seeds if anyone has any and suggestions on what I should grow this year. Id love seeds from any habanero variety especially mustards. Fatalis, MOA Scotch bonnets, Jalapeños, Ghost varieties and Ajis of all kinds. Its been a couple years since I went hard I want...
  2. Hops&Habas

    vendor SEEDS FOR 2021 GROW

    hey guys its been a couple years since i went hard on the peppers and looking for some stable and recent seeds to use for this years grow. Please guide me to the right place. I am looking for habaneros, ghost varieties, ajis and jalepinos. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Tim
  3. Hops&Habas

    fermenting Making Mash today

    Mashing a lot of bahas and moa yellows today.
  4. Hops&Habas

    hops n habas

    havent posted many pics so here is some hops and ghost pepper varieties im growing in tubs
  5. Hops&Habas

    How many hot peppers would you say...

    are in each 5 oz. bottle of your respective sauces and to those who charge, what do you charge for a 5 oz. bottle? just curious
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    misc Shrink Wrap help

    So i finally got my labels printed and they are slammin! And i get home and I'm like yes it's on now im about to take over the sauce game. I go to shrink wrap and im using some black shrink wrap. Now my only experience in shrink wrap before is shrink wrapping CDs and i use a heat gun for...
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    Torn between where to put the Ghosts and the Bonnets

    Peace, So I'm here transplanting a bunch of stuff and have two options a bunch of tupperware totes or a garden bed... The garden bed I still have to till so would have to plant tomorrow, the totes I can plant in now. WHAT SHOULD I PLANT IN THE TOTES Ghost pepper varieties or scotch bonnet...
  8. Hops&Habas

    for-sale Chicagoland plants for sale

    I have some plants for sale, these pics are examples of the size and quality of the plants. Trying to stay local and prices are $4 per... I have these varieties available Chocolate Habanero, Mustard Habanero, Tazmanian Habanero, Bahamian Goat. Contact for more details.
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    vendor Closed

  10. Hops&Habas

    labels 1.7 oz. woozy bottle label sheets?

    Recently rethinking the 5 oz. woozys for the sauce-game and I'm wondering if anyone currently or has printed labels for 1.7 oz. woozys and what a good size for the label sheets would be?
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    vendor Pepper plants for sale in Illinois

    I have too many plants, so I am attempting to sell some to pepper lovers in the Chicago area. I am located north of the city in the suburbs by great america. I have many varities of habanero, 7-pot, and bhut jolokias, as well as thai reds, allepos, morugas, purira, ajis, etc. Let me know what...
  12. Hops&Habas

    bottles-jars shrink bands for 5 oz. woozy bottles?

    Looking for the right size shrink bands for 5 oz. woozy bottles. About to order labels and shrink bands for my sauces. I got the labels i want but want to make sure what size is best for the shrink bands? 24 mm ? 28 ? & i have red caps, is black or clear with writing better? Appreciate the input...
  13. Hops&Habas

    Fatal Lemon Ghost of the Caribbean SIMPLE SAUCE RECIPE

    Fatalis, Aji Lemon Drops, Caribbean Habanero, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)... Take the fresh peppers off the organic tree limbs. Proceed to wash, halve & deseed them, do not worry if a few seeds sneak in... Next, blend said peppers into a puree'... then place puree' in mason jar of your choice...
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    wanted Looking for these pepper seeds

    Greetings, I am in Illinois and have a few varieties of peppers (Fatali, Mustard Habanero, Caribbean Habanero, THai Red, Fish Pepper, Red Cap Mushroom Pepper and more) to offer in trade if anyone has the seeds to any of these peppers:   Trinidad Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah Bohemian Goat Cumari Du...
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    Hello from Illinois in USA!

    Greetings from Illinois in the USA.  I am new to this site, but not to hot peppers. I have been growing hot peppers for years and undertaken making my own sauce.  As most of you I love to indulge in the savory and spicy flavors that come with the amazing and wonderful hot pepper.  I look forward...