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    co-packer Are There Small Companies That Will Make Your Hot Sauce For You?

    Greetings,   I have never really looked into it, but I always wondered if there are companies where if you tell them what you want in a hot sauce - they will make it for you for a reasonable fee. I don't mean mass production unless of course you invent something amazing, but like a case of...
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    heat Why Does Dry Spice Lose It's Heat When Mixed With Franks Red Hot?

    Greetings,   So I bought some very hot chili powder with the hope that it would make Franks Red Hot - much hotter, but it seems that mixing the chili powder with Franks, kills the heat of the dry spice.   To clarify - the chili powder is indeed hot when I just put a little on a spoon and eat it...
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    consistency How Do I Thicken Buffalo Wing Sauce?

    Greetings,   I am making authentic buffalo wing sauce - Frank's and butter with some added vinegar, but I find that it's too watery and runny - it doesn't really stick to the meat. It's more like drenching the meat.   I would prefer to thicken the sauce without adding other sauces or foods that...
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    hot-sauce What Is The Ultimate Buffalo Wing Sauce?

    Are you happy with just Franks Red Hot and butter/margerine when making buffalo wings at home or do you prefer another buffalo wing sauce?    Has anyone tried these bottled sauces and do you use as is or do you have your own recipe with added ingredients in addition to the buffalo wing sauce?  ...
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    Does Anyone Know The Duffs Wing Sauce Recipe?

    Greetings, I was wondering if anyone knew the Duffs Wing Sauce recipe or something close to it as possible.   It is not just Frank's, vinegar and butter/margerine like the Anchor Bar for example - it is more of a tangy/sour sort of taste which could be the kind of vinegar they use - some people...