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  1. BareMig

    dehydrating Chicken jerky

    I will have a lot of fresh chicken meat for free and want to make jerky out of some of it. Have only tried beef and lamb so far. Any advices for me?
  2. BareMig


    Does anyone know about a chili called Pasa? Went to Mexico in december, found several interesting things, among them a round dried chili, size of an apricot, brown, thin walls, seeds inside ratteling nicely. A lady told me it's name was Pasa. She also named a Guajillo at the same time so I...
  3. BareMig

    seeds How old can seeds get and still germinate?

    I have a question about something that may be common knowlage to most people here, but anyway... i am wondering how long I can store seeds and still expect them to germinate? I have quite a few different kinds of chili seeds, some bought years ago, some given to me, some taken from my own pods...
  4. BareMig

    Hello from Denmark

    Hi fellow chili fans   I was recommended this forum by a dear old friend today and just had to join. It looks like a very active place, wonderful! I am looking forward to reading old posts and new ones of course!   Introducing myself: 49 years old and passionate about growing edible stuff...