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    vendor Fish Pepper Seeds

    Does anyone know a good source where I can get Fish pepper Seeds from  ? I am trying to grow them this year and starting them a little late, I would greatly appreciate the help. :)
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    wanted Looking for Choc. Fatali & Douglah

     Looking to see if anyone has any Chocolate Fatali and Douglah pods for sale, would love to buy some so I could dry myself or use fresh for seed/cooking. I love the chocolate version of the Fatali and the Douglah peppers. let me know, thank you everyone :)
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, I had come across the community after a while of searching for a great community of growers, not realizing that there were such amazing people out there with such dedication to growing peppers! I lived most of my life in Louisiana and just recently moved to NE Arkansas, yes I...