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  1. Immolated

    Baby Bell vs. Tinkerbell Peppers

    I bought some baby bells from Trader Joe's. A couple of months later, I ordered Blue Apron and the ingredients came with Tinkerbell Peppers. Anyone know if they're the same variety with different names? They looked very similar. Sorry, no pics.
  2. Immolated

    chinense Chocolate Bhutlah SM

    Stand by and Fire posted to Youtube this weekend that seeds were officially released through Puckerbutt. Put in order immediately since I've been waiting for their release for years. Surprised no one has posted about this, or maybe they have and I'm feeling too lazy to look. This is a pepper...
  3. Immolated

    vendor Diablo Pepper Farm

    Always on the lookout for new vendors. Saw someone name check them in another section. Anyone have experience ordering and growing from Diablo?
  4. Immolated

    video Khang Starr Youtube channel - great resource for beginners

    I see a lot of questions about pepper growing from beginners such as myself and I wanted to share this link to Khang Starr and his Youtube channel with everyone:   Although it's my fourth year growing, I've picked up a lot of good tips from Khang's...
  5. Immolated

    vendor Ebay seller - Chili Wizard

    Anyone have experience buying seed from them? Do they grow true? They have an FB page and a brick and mortar store in the UK. They're the only vendor I could find with shabu shabu seeds in stock, but there's no point to making the purchase if they don't grow true.
  6. Immolated

    wanted Looking for Shabu Shabu Jolokia

    Would highly appreciate either trade or buy. Check out my seed list in profile if interested in trade.
  7. Immolated

    Red Habanero variety?

    I got the seeds from these from Red Habs I bought in a Weis grocery store in PA.  As I described in another thread, the pods put a hurting on me back then in 2014.     I grew them out this summer and picked the first ripe pods from my plant this afternoon.  Sampled a pod today and lo and behold...
  8. Immolated


    A few years ago, before I knew any better, I bought some reaper seeds from Bakers.  Never one to waste seeds, I grew them out this year and was wondering if you guys thought these were true. At the very least, the seeds I bought seem to be unstable.  The first pod looks reaperish, the second...
  9. Immolated

    chinense Chuck Norris Moruga Scorpion

    In my never-ending quest to order as many different varieties from as many reputable vendors as possible, I picked up some Chuck Norris Moruga seeds from the Hippy Seed Company yesterday. I couldn't resist based on the name, lol. Does anyone have any info on this variety other than it was...
  10. Immolated

    Deer netting

    Hey guys. Woke up this morning to find deer had gone at my Reaper and Brown Moruga plants. Immediately went to home depot and bought some deer netting. I draped the nets over the plants and fastened them around base of plant. Now said plants are deer proof. All plants are mature as it is...
  11. Immolated

    wanted Looking to trade/give away seeds

    Here is what I have. Looking to trade or give away. PM me if interested. All were grown out by me. Potential to have crossed. Datil Orange Hab Red Bhut Savina Caribbean Red Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Takonotsume Thai Korean Red Hot Ornamental Cayenne 7 Pod Brain Strain 7 Pod Douglah Australian...
  12. Immolated

    Hi all

    Hello from E. Rutherford, NJ. Glad to be here.