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  1. megahot

    wanted Looking for these seed crosses

    Hello all Im just wanted to trade or send a sasbe for these seed crosses. 1. Jigsaw x Chocolate Bhutlah 2. Jigsaw x BBM 3. Jigsaw X Primo 4. Bhulah x Primo Thank you! Please comment or pm if you can help me out.
  2. megahot

    preservation Pepper Review of Smokin James Yellow BBG7

    This pod was awesome. It was a pleasure to review it from my pepper brother James!
  3. megahot

    wanted Looking to purchase or trade seeds

    Heres a few varieties Im looking for Gator Jigsaw CPR Bhutlah Crosses or different colors other than chocolate Reaper crosses with gnarly tails Or anything else thats really cool/scorching hot/hard to get! Im willing to send money, sasbe or trade. Please pm me if you can help a fellow...
  4. megahot

    Justin reviews my Chocolate Borg 9 Part 1 This video was taken at the Northwest chilifest. Heres the 2nd part of him eating it.
  5. megahot

    Anybody know what my mystery pepper is?

    Heres what it looks like. Thanks in advance!
  6. megahot

    lighting Thoughts and opinions on LED grow lights

    I need some opinions of LED grow lights please. I was thinking of something like this later on this yr and growing a plant or possibly two in hydro.
  7. megahot

    The Mega 2016 grow

    Ok folks, I'm making my own soil and heres what I got #1. 4.4cu ft of Peat Moss #2. 2cu ft top soil #3. 1cu ft mushroom compost #4. .75 cu ft steer manure composted #5. 1 cu ft chicken manure #6. 1 large bag of perlite #7. 2 small bags of vermiculite #8. 1 small bag of dolimite lime #9. Fetilome...
  8. megahot

    How well do you know Megahot??? Seed Giveaway Contest

    After quite a few years here on THP. I'm going to have to say farewell. I have my reasons as to why. I'd like to give a big thanks to THP for creating this great forum that I've enjoyed over the years. Thanks boss!!! and a special thanks to all of those who have been kind to me and have sent me...
  9. megahot

    wanted Looking for special seeds to purchase or trade for

    Anybody know where I can find different BB7 varieties or crosses? Lookin for seeds. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! Any other cool varieties such as Borg9 Brainfunk etc would be great. Thanks in advance!
  10. megahot

    wanted looking to purchase a few plants

    This year I was unable to grow indoors due to circumstances beyond my control. If anybody has some extremely hot and cool variety pepper plants they could ship to Washington state and knows how to ship plants properly pls contact me. Please note the plants must be about a foot tall and be...
  11. megahot

    Looking for some cool Hybrid seed varieties

    Hi there! I would just like to know if anybody is interested in selling or trading for some cool hybid seed varieties. Some examples I'm looking for are : Bubblegum cross, Reaper cross, Borg o, Chocolate or brown brainstrain. Etc
  12. megahot

    Megas 2015 Grow.

    Grow list includes 3 Bhut Jolokia/ Pepper Plants 2 Cajun Bell plants 2 Bubblegum 7 pot plants 2 Aneheim plants 1 Ceyenne plant 1 Devils Heart plant 1 Habenero
  13. megahot

    video I review Smokin James Bubblegum 7 Pot

    I review Smokin James BB7: Very good pod indeed! I appreciate the opportunity to review this pod for you brother James!
  14. megahot

    A topic on Bacteria Leaf Spot (BLS)

    Like most of you growers out there I've encountered a bad case of BLS and thought I would start a topic on it. I found an interesting link on it and thought I'd share it
  15. megahot

    wanted Looking for a good Pepper reviewer

    Just looking for a good pepper reviewer That has done pepper reviews before. Pls let me know if youre interested in reviewing my peppers in the near future. No Pms pls my inbox reaches its limit fast. I will select one or two reviewers. You can post your video reviews here if you would like.
  16. megahot

    Which NFL team will win the Superbowl?

    I'm going with my Hawks
  17. megahot

    Steve and I try my Bubblegum 7 pot Heres a link to my video
  18. megahot

    I call this one "Labor on the throne" CH. Bhutlah AFTERMATH

    Lesson learned, Never eat 2 Chocolate Bhutlahs in a row OUCH!!! :scared: :crazy: :fire:
  19. megahot

    wanted Looking For 7 Pot Lava seeds

    I have plenty of cool seeds to trade in return, (just ask) I can also send a sase if that would work better. Also willing to purchase seeds from a reputable vendor (such as Judy). Thanks for stopping by! Jon
  20. megahot

    chinense Smokin James and I test the Peach Scorpion   

    Thanks for stopping by James!